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Best Battles in New Comics: 10/9/15

This week, we're featuring fights from TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #50, BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL #1, and LOBO #11.

It's that time of the week. Time to look at the latest edition of Best Battles in New Comics. Comics often feature big battles with superheroes fighting supervillains. Sometimes we even have superheroes fighting other superheroes. Get ready to cheer and possibly cringe at the brutal punches being thrown.

There will be some spoilers below!

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(By Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, Tom Waltz, Mateus Santolouco, and Ronda Pattison)

This issue could have been the only issue featured this week. The fights were epic and there were so many. We could have easily broken it down into three separate battles, but we'll just give you a tiny glimpse of the glorious fighting contained.

The fight continues from last issue. Every is riding on this. The Gauntlet is going to finally settle things between the Turtles and Shredder.

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The fight goes on different levels. While the Turtles are having some fun, they are playing for keeps.

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They're also not too happy with what Bebop and Rocksteady did before. They almost make it look too easy.

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As mentioned, there's just so much to the battles. It keeps going. But we have to mention there is also a fight between Master Splinter and Shredder.

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Of course we can't reveal everything that happens. You will definitely want to check out this issue. Be sure to track one down at your local comic shop. It'll be worth it.


(By James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Tony Daniels, Sandu Florea, and Tom Morey)

Dick Grayson is still in Gotham City and finding himself getting in over his head. He's not quite sure what's going on and how it deals with a secret from an old case Batman kept from him. He suddenly finds himself knocked off his motorcycle by a character we've been waiting to see.

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It's Cassandra Cain! We know Dick is no slouch when it comes to fighting. You can see Cassie easily targets his weak spots and takes advantage of them.

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Dick practically doesn't stand a chance here He doesn't get a single shot and she makes quick work of him.

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Dick also notices that these moves should be lethal. Cassie is kicking his butt even though she's holding back. At least that might give him an idea whose side she might be on. It's great to have Cassie back and let's hope we get to see a lot more like this.

LOBO #11

(By Cullen Bunn, Frank Barbiere, Robson Rocha, Ruy Jose, and Blond)

Lobo has been working for Sinestro lately. Basically Sinestro wants the other Lantern Corps out of the picture. Lobo has been taking the power rings of the other Lanterns by pretty much any means necessary. Next up, the Red Lanterns.

This won't be a pretty sight.

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Poor Dex-Starr.

Atrocitus isn't going to take this likely. The Red Lanterns attack Lobo. Lobo learns, the hard way, what happens when they vomit blood on him.

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But Lobo is able to get out of this situation. He's not finished with the job so he continues the fight.

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It may not be looking good for the Red Lanterns but the fight's not over. Can Lobo survive?

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You'll have to buy the issue to find out what happens next because we're out of time.

Honorable Mentions

There was a surprising number of great fights this week. Some of them include:

  • CYBORG #3
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Thanks to dondave, tparks, ianrogers, and CalvinR for their suggestions.

What are your top three fights from this latest round of new comics? Support what you love and tell the world below. Also, don't forget to make nominations every week in this thread, especially if you feel we missed a great battle. If you're sad we missed one, speak up next week! You can even make suggestions via Twitter and use the hashtag #CVBattles.