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Bendis Confirms SPIDER-MEN Sequel

Brian Michael Bendis teases Twitter followers that a sequel to the SPIDER-MEN mini-series is on its way.

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Last year's mini-series SPIDER-MEN, written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Sara Pichelli, was one of the best things to come out of Marvel comics in 2012. It was the first time we saw the 616 universe and the Ultimate universe cross-over, as Peter Parker is dragged into the Ultimate universe while fighting Mysterio and has to deal with the new Spider-Man and the impact his Ultimate counter-part had on that universe.

Many loved this series, and while it worked great on it's own as a singular story, there are lots of fans who are clamoring for more. These fans may be getting what they want as Brian Michael Bendis answered this fan's question on his twitter page.

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As of right now, all we know is that there will be a Spider-Men sequel, and there's no other information as of yet. What could happen in this next series though? Is it time for Miles Morales to make his way over to the 616 universe? Will Peter end up, once again, in the Ultimate universe? There are tons of possibilities for this upcoming mini-series and as long as Bendis is writing it, and it remains just a singular book that doesn't bleed over into other series, it will be worth the read. The original series was more than just a solid book. It was an incredibly emotional read and had a great balance of story and action.

What if the idea of Spider-Men is bigger than the two of these characters? As crazy as it may sound, the idea of Spider-Men from other universes inside of Marvel, like Miguel O'Hara, seems like a very intriguing idea. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the 2099 era of Marvel comics, but the thought of all three of these character together seems really cool, especially since Dan Slott recently announced Spider-Man 2099 would make his way into the 616 universe soon.

What do you guys think about this sequel? What would you like to see?

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Avatar image for sunman
Posted By SUNMAN

already?.........ok. I liked it just surprised we are hearing about a sequel this soon. But than its Spider-Man

Avatar image for derf_jenkins
Posted By derf_jenkins

I am open to any good spiderman story. bendis came thru before. I could see superior being in this one for sure.

Avatar image for skyjumpermike
Posted By skyjumpermike

How about we call him Spocder-Mandopus?

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

How would this work with how things are now with Spidey-Ock? Still, I'm interested no doubt...

Avatar image for wr3h
Posted By wr3h

Oh wow if Spider-Ock meets Ultimate MJ


Avatar image for wr3h
Posted By wr3h

@nappystr8 said:

Oh man, even though Ultimate Spider-Man is one of my favorite books, I wasn't a huge fan of Spider-Men. But if this became a three Spider-Man team-up between Peter (or Otto), Miles, and Miguel, I would be very excited. Also want more info on that 616 cliffhanger.

-childish screaming-


Avatar image for pwnattack
Posted By pwnattack

I love this series!

Avatar image for maki_p
Posted By Maki_P

Huh? I thought that Spider-men was supposed to be a one-off thing; and honestly I'd prefer 616 and Ultimate to stay in their own ways. (Not that I wouldn't love the FF finding out what happened to them, or the X-men or... actually I want that very much...)

Avatar image for passionflower
Posted By PassionFlower

Please let it be Peter in the story.

Avatar image for clintseviltwin
Posted By ClintsEvilTwin

@MightyMODOK said:

I hope Miles doesn't team up with Doc.Ock Spidey ,if that happened Peters life would be utterly ruined.

More ruined than dying while trapped in your enemy's body?

Avatar image for deadcool
Posted By Deadcool

yes... Yes... YES!!!

Avatar image for thecannon
Posted By TheCannon

@akbogert said:

Wow, sounds like this was popular. Looks like I have a new story arc to go hunt down.

Avatar image for nova117
Posted By Nova117

Does this mean that Superior is going to be in this series or is Peter Parker going to play the role of the 616 Spiderman?

Avatar image for Elbarto17
Edited By PunyParker


Avatar image for danhimself
Posted By danhimself

I want this NOW!!! I like Superior but Bendis has said that Spider-men 2 won't come out until Peter is back....that's the only reason I want Superior to end sooner rather than later

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