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'Ben' Discusses Final Season Of 'Lost'

Actor Michael Emerson leaks a few spoilers...

It seems as the 'Lost' has been on forever and that following next season, the show will be coming to a close. Going on it's sixth season, does anyone even still watch the show? In an exclusive interview with Sci Fi Wire , Michael Emerson who plays 'Ben Linus' gave a few spoilers on what we can expect for the 'Lost' final season. If you had been following, then you know that in the season finale of the fifth season, there was a massive bomb explosion in the past that may have changed the present time-line.

"My understanding is that I am (still a part of the show),...There are some gaps in Ben's bio, and I think we may look backward a couple of times this season. I'm just guessing...Ben has always seemed straightforward to me, and I don't think Ben has changed much over time," he said. "I think audience perceptions of Ben [have] changed."

So we know that Emerson's character will more than likely be a part of the next season, but what do you guys think? Did you watch the season finale? What do you believe will happen to the characters on the show? What would you like to see happen?