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Behold These Pics of the Batman Live Theater Show

A live show to play in the UK, Europe and... eventually, the US.

 This is just after they finished singing
 This is just after they finished singing "Seasons of Love."
Something’s drawing superheroes and theater together lately like a couple of souped-up magnetic poles. No sooner does SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK draw national controversy from Broadway then a Batman show swoops down into London. BATMAN LIVE has been talked about for a while now, but here are the first pictures (courtesy of Collider) from the show to give you some serious flashbacks of BATMAN FOREVER.

The production’s going to basically be an adaptation of ROBIN: YEAR ONE as Dick makes the journey from Flying Grayson to Boy Wonder on stage while battling basically the entire rogue’s gallery with Bats. You can see the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and a more colorful Harley Quinn in the cast photo above (although Two-Face is supposed to show his, er, faces at some point as well.) The other bells and whistles hanging on this gothic sleigh are pyrotechnics, acrobatics, illusions, an elaborate Gotham City set and what looks like some installation art by Jim Lee and Andy Kubert.

Give 'em a peep below... == TEASER ==

I know that many of you Comic Vine maniacs don’t think vigilantism ever belongs on stage. I remember all the comments when we were tracking TURN OFF THE DARK. But do these pics jibe with your vision of Batman a bit better? Normally, I’d use this occasion to bring up a certain Prince song from the 80s. However, in this instance, I feel like this clip from BATMAN BEYOND is more appropriate.