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Behold the Green Lantern Movie's Power Battery!

So much power...

  Swear your oath to THIS.
 Swear your oath to THIS.

If you didn’t catch the Scream Awards over the weekend, you missed a very colorful first glimpse of Hal Jordan’s power battery in the GREEN LANTERN that was shown during Ryan Reynold’s acceptance speech. Courtesy of the Daily Blam, we’ve got photos of the legendary alien lamp here for you.  At first glance, it’s a bit of a departure from what comic fans are used to. It looks more like a hard-drive tower than a lantern to me, but I honestly think that’s better fitting in the same way taking away Hal’s white “parking valet” gloves fits. If you really think about it, it makes more sense for an alien-created device to look like this, instead of, say, a lighting device few have used since the civil war.  

While the big blow-up behind Reynolds below probably won’t resemble the final product, it is a pretty wild thought to entertain that Oa’s central battery will resemble that. Just imagine the Guardians having to inflate and deflate that thing around Corps meetings.

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And what else went on at the Scream Awards? Geoff Johns won the award for “Best Comics Writer,” and that’s a bit timely for our purposes here, as he also talked a bit about the GL movie to Collider recently. He mentioned that a pretty sizable teaser trailer for the movie will debut in front of the next HARRY POTTER movie and also assured fans that Martin Campbell is such a perfectionist that he won't OK the movie's 3D conversion until it's absolutely right.    

He also commented about future GL movies thusly...   == TEASER ==

 "'Green Lantern' has such great stories and such great, epic characters. The movie is looking awesome, so I think everybody has a lot of faith and confidence in what it's going to be to move forward. There's a logical step for the story to go next, so for me, it feels natural. It feels like writing the next issue of a comic book before the one hits the stands. It's something I do every month."     

And that's pretty well true. The ingredients may differ, but it's all serialized storytelling at the end of the day - - something we've been enjoying, week in and week out, for years and decades.  
I'm sure you maniacs have some strong opinions about the look of the lanterns here, so don't hold back on what you've got to say. There's no yellow or wooden objects, nor fear entities, to impair you!

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