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Batwoman #1 Preview: Will the Previous Stories Still Stand?

The long awaited Batwoman series is almost here.

For months we've been waiting for the new Batwoman series. Now with "The New 52," Batwoman will finally get her solo book. All eyes are on the character since it was revealed at her debut that she was a Lesbian. Yesteray, the Advocate ran an exclusive preview for the first issue. The article, "The Allure of the Lesbian Caped Crusader" is worth checking out. Unfortunately the images there were a little hard to read.

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We managed to get some high res images so we can find out what's going on. There is a bit of a flashback/retelling of her origin. What might be surprising is the appearance of a familiar Batman nemesis. What will this mean for Batwoman?

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If you want to see the images even larger, click here and here.

Batwoman #1 is on sale September 14.