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Battle of the Week RESULTS: Green Lantern (John Stewart) vs. Beta Ray Bill

DC's ring-slinger or Marvel's wielder of Stormbreaker? And the winner is...

Two cosmic characters enter, one cosmic character leaves.

Our latest Character of the Month, John Stewart, a.k.a. Green Lantern, is doing a mighty fine job in this segment. He's faced two opponents -- Magneto and Ronan -- and both times, the voters have given him the victory. He's undeafeated, but will he remain undefeated after being forced to face the powerful Beta Ray Bill? The Marvel character lost in a previous Battle of the Week against Wonder Woman, but could he make up for that by earning a victory against a different DC character? According to the voters, the answer is "yes." Beta Ray Bill wins!

Image by vinomonster
Image by vinomonster

John Stewart won his previous matches because of his tactical mind and the power and sheer variety his Green Power Ring offers. Not only is he strong, durable and fast, but his creative mind and impressive willpower means there's so much he can accomplish that that ring. From basic blasts to elaborate constructs, John can bring a whole lot of advantages to a fight. However, it looks like that Beta Ray Bill's sheer might and the weapon he wields, Stormbreaker, allowed him to overcome anything the Green Lantern threw his way. Struck by a blast? Beta could take it. Constructs in his path or around him? He could smash them. Eventually, he has what it takes to keep John Stewart down for the count. John's tactics and variety of offensive and defensive maneuvers will most certainly make Beta work for the win, though.

Beta Ray Bill earned a big lead in the poll, but many voters said it's an entertaining fight to picture. Even if you think the outcome is obvious, the goal here is to simply have fun imagining a fight between the two characters and think about the advantages and disadvantages each have in the scenario. In the previous matches, Stewart's tactics and power granted him in the win. In this case, Beta Ray Bill was simply too tough to topple and he could withstand what the ring-slinger dishes out.

Beta Ray Bill held onto a comfortable lead, flying away from the fight with 60% of the votes. John Stewart didn't let the Marvel foe walk all over him, though, and he received support from 36% of the voters. Only 4% think this one is too close to call. Now, let's see what some Viners had to say about this match.

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Very good pair up, it's nice to see lesser known characters get the battle spotlight. I have to say Beta Ray Bill would take this win. It would be an interesting battle, eventually leading up to BRB overpowering with some brute Stormbreaker strength. Smashing all of John's constructs then flinging him across the map with Mjolnir! Green Lantern could hold him off for a while, but eventually BRB would take the cake.


I think that Beta Ray Bill will take this because while Johns willpower is incredible, so is BRB's. Add the feverish determination to win that BRB has, his physical stats will enable him to bull through a majority of GL's constructs/deflect with Stormbreaker/speed dodge most (not all because John is a very skilled sniper) of GL's projectile attacks, especially if he gets ticked off. The big game changer is Stormbreaker. Not only can BRB physically pound away at GL, but he can also direct Stormbreaker in ranged attacks and even massive environmental attacks (ie. chain lightning of incredible force as at least one example). Stormbreaker can also allow for teleportation so BRB has the chance for a quick switch of direction and blitz GL with a combination of his ridiculous speed, strength, and durability and even use the teleportation to send ranged attacks in as a flanking action. Now John has a razor sharp tactical mind so he will most definitely adapt to BRB's ability's but I don't think he'd be able to do it in time to mount a solid enough offense to get him the win. My decision lies with Beta-Ray Bill with 7/10. Great match-up though.

Image by ZZoMBiE13
Image by ZZoMBiE13


OOH WOW!!! Nice match up. I gotta give this to Beta Ray Bill. He is a true power house. Thor level power house. Let's go down the stats here:

Attack level: I dare say that this is a draw. Stormbreaker combined with BRB's natural strength can match up very well with a green power ring. Both of them are planet destroyers.

Defense/Durability: BRB hands down. Yes GL's shields are highly impressive but they cannot stand multiple hits from Stormbreaker. BRB fights like a man possessed. He hits hard (Mjolnir hard) and fast with relentless fury. GL's shields will break. Also BRB's alien physiology is at least 100 times more durable than a humans.

Mentality: Gladiator vs Solider. One fights like a battle tested beast and the other thinks with a tactical mind. Give me John on this one.

Unique Powers: We all know what the green power ring can do. Fueled by will, limited to the imagination. Offensive and defensive power house. Stormbreaker on the other hand is an offensive and defensive juggernaut with unique abilities like healing, teleportation, and since we are on earth, incredible weather manipulation. John could essentially be fighting BRB while getting struck by lightning in the middle of a hurricane. Slight edge to Stormbreaker but the green power ring is so awesome!

Due to mostly to durability, I'm giving this to the mighty Beta Ray Bill 7/10. This is a fight I would really love to see!


JS: "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sigh...."

BRB: "Hammer Toss!" *KO*

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This is a good battle indeed, from the posts I've been reading it would almost seem that some believe it'll be a blow out in favor of BRB, and looking at the polls very early in the week it would seem that quite a few of you believe that. I'd like to state my case why even if John goes on to lose, the matchup is closer than we think.

*There is debates that the "Stormbreaker" weapon can absorb energy. Well so can the lantern ring, and the last time I checked, that would cancel each other out.

*A long time ago there was a DC vs Marvel crossover, some of you may remember that and others may me to young to acknowledge that. Anyhow, Superman was the last man standing holding Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield. Both comic companies gave enough respect to Superman's character that they had him remain at the end. Mind you this is the same Superman that John Stewart could handle.

*Not too long ago, Wonder Woman was COTM, and one of her opponents was BRB, the outcome was 49% - 45%; WW over BRB. Now if John can handle the Justice league which includes WW, and yet the viners felt that WW could squeak by with a win over BRB, how is it that the polls early on is showing John to be blown out!

*Many people have only posted what John's ring could do in terms of forming constructs and building his do know that his ring can do a whole lot more right? Should I name them...the ring an produce phasing, the ring can produce the ability to time travel, the ring can dimension jump, the ring can provide invisibility, it can provide wormholes and spacial warps, limited cellular regeneration, ring duplication. Due to the fact that the writers of the comics doesn't fully show the full extent of the rings powers but instead shows only a limited use of it, therefore the average reader will only think of the ring in the same fashion. Why is this important to mention, because good strategists like John is, doesn't use the same mode of attack in each battle, and why because each opponent is different and what their abilities are.

* Unless this is an organized sports entertainment matchup, the chances of the fight starting near the grand canyon and concluding the same place is like the same odds of trying to win the lotto. How often have we seen any battle in an open area start and end the same place? Think about every tv show you ever watched, movie, comic book you read, animated movie or many of you ever saw Dragon Ball Z? Has any of the fights ended in the same place in which it started? The point is Yes the battle may start near the Grand Canyon, but I can almost bet that when the battle begins, especially since each party can fly and can go off world, the battle more than likely would end in space. I'm not saying this favors on opponent or the other, all I'm saying that the votes should be a lot closer than this. It should end in a similar fashion to John v Magneto or WW v BRB. The mere fact that the polls are the way they are is not only ridiculous, but an insult the vast power of the lantern ring and it's wielder. With that said I accept a potential John Stewart loss, what I don't accept under any circumstances against BRB is a blow out. This isn't the Superbowl where the Seahawks blew out the Broncos last year.

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John Stewart is currently 2-1! Who do YOU want to see the Green Lantern face for his final battle? Tell us below or share it via twitter.