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Battle of the Week RESULTS: Bane vs. Daredevil

The Batman villain once broke Bruce Wayne, but can he break the man without fear? The votes are in and the winner is...

This month, Batman's villains are taking over Comic Vine! They've become the characters of the month in our corner of the internet, so that means we're going to give them a whole lot of love on the homepage. We've listed the deadliest and underrated villains and there's more articles on the way, but it's not going to be just praise for these baddies. We're also going to push their abilities as combatants in our Battle of the Week segment. Last week, Lady Shiva fell against X-23. Don't worry, she got some good hits in before losing. This week, Bane, the man who broke the bat, is fighting Daredevil, the man without fear. The community has been talking about this match since Monday and a winner has been selected. Ladies and gentlemen, Daredevil wins!

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This fight was almost a tie. Daredevil earned 49% of the votes and Bane was right behind the agile hero, receiving support from 47% of the voters. 4% thought it was just too close to call and understandably so. The general consensus was this would be one heck of a fight to witness, but the slight majority believe the Marvel hero's radar, exceptional agility, quick reflexes, and vast knowledge of melee attacks will allow him to eventually make the foe from DC go down for the count. It wouldn't be a short fight and there would be a whole lot of punches flying back and forth, but in the end, the community believes it'll be Daredevil who's left standing. Now, let's take a look at some of the more convincing arguments that some Viners made and writer Chuck Dixon was kind enough to comment on this brawl, too! I couldn't help but share my thoughts on this one as well.

Oh, and just for fun, here's an image a Viner made of Bane winning.

Image by Mrnoital
Image by Mrnoital


Daredevil should take this in a good fight..

As far as their physicals goes, Bane will have a noticeable strength, speed and durability advantage over Matt thanks to having access to venom. However this won't be enough to overcome Matt's skill and reflex advantage.

Matt is a beast at using nerve strikes and pressure points. That should be clear through him dropping heavy hitters like Mr. Hyde with one strike. He has reflexes and agility that are very, and I do mean it, very impressive... He was able to evade Captain America's strikes without any trouble last time they had a skirmish. Let's not forget Cap has enhanced physicals just like Bane would be while he's on venom. Matt's radar will clearly make tagging him an uphill struggle for Bane. Add in Matt's impressive skill and use of nerve strikes, he should be able to drop Bane quicker than Bane can tire him.

Don't get me wrong though. I will not discredit Bane in this fight. Thanks to the venom, this fight is much closer than it would be without it. Bane has very impressive feats such as hanging with JPV in Knightfall. He showed very solid pain tolerance and durability by tanking the sharp projectiles JPV ruthlessly shot at him. He is very durable. I'll even go as far as saying that Matt can't outfight Bane while he is on venom. Bane is durable enough to take punches from Matt until he is tired to the point of getting tagged by Bane. Matt is skilled, but if he probably can't take a whole lot of punches from Bane on venom. Bane looks like a brute but his speed on venom is impressive. Don't forget Bane's tactical prowess and how he could use the environment to his advantage. Bane clearly has what if takes to outlast and outfight Matt despite his agility and skill advantage. But those darn nerve strikes..

Bane can give Matt all he has, but in the beginning of the fight he will miss..Draredevil is that agile... Matt will get punches in and realize Bane is too durable while on that substance he carries. He will realize before it gets late that Bane can outlast him in a fist fight thanks to having enhancements. Those venom tubes will look suspicious enough to bring Matt to that conclusion. What does Matt do when he faces someone tougher and stronger than him? Thats right he nerve strikes them...

I'll say Matt's nerve strikes are going to work on Bane as they worked on the likes of Mr. Hyde. Matt has reflexes fast enough to use them on Bane so tagging him isn't an issue at all.

One thing about Matt is that he uses his radar to locate weak spots in his opponents body. He senses body tension and joints the weight in the body is accumulated to and hits those points to bring the opponent down. He took down Bruiser that way. Think about how Matt can sense the flow of venom in Bane's body and strike the points the serum bunches up in.. That would be very painful in theory.

All in all, Bane will be a very tough enemy for Matt, however Matt has what it takes to scoop a slight majority against him. 6-7/10 Matt will use a nerve strike to bring Bane down and 3-4/10 Bane will use tactics to incapacitate Matt or simply outfight him by grappling and taking the fight into confined spaces where Matt can't use his agility and will get damaged by Bane's formidable strength on venom.


Daredevil for a majority...


This is a pretty tough one. I lean towards Matt, but as suggested, it's important to not downplay Bane here. He's in the same general skill ballpark even if not quite at DD's level, and not only is he stronger, but he knows how to use his strength. I'd argue that he's tactically more adept.

However I think Matt's skill advantage, and his agility and radar sense, will keep him away from taking too much punishment, and he will be able to take Bane down by a death of a thousand "cuts"/truncheon hits, and maybe a pressure point strike or two. One example of Matt's precision fighting that comes to mind is when he crippled Owl by slashing his spine while flipping over him. When it comes to agility, I'm thinking of DD routinely dodging scores of shuriken and the like while fighting Hand, or dodging Doc Ock's arms pretty well; Bane doesn't have anywhere near that level of dodging, that I'm aware of.

His recent fights against Cap and Shuri shows that he can hang with people who have both venom-levels of stats as well as top-notch skill. Another relevant fight would be Bruiser; on the one hand it seems to show how he fares poorly against a stronger/durable guy, but recall that his power is a little different than Bane's, and also Matt takes him out with a precision knee strike, exactly as he could against Bane. Even Matt's fights against Spider-Man (including SpOck) are worth throwing in here. Granted that these fights usually have context, and Pete isn't as skilled as the other folks we're discussing, but it's still impressive.

So at the moment I'm going with Matt via his higher precision and agility. But Bane could certainly take a fair number of wins through durability, skill, and tactics.

Image by ZZoMBiE13
Image by ZZoMBiE13


I'm going to finally give my input on this fight; it's a darn good fight.

Right out of the gates its clear that DD has more knowledge of the martial arts and is a more "technical" fighter so to speak; he's also got the agility edge on Bane and his Radar Sense isn't a factor to forget. This being said, Bane would be able to dish out more damage with each of his blows (especially on Venom) and tank more hits, even without his drug of choice he'd be able to accomplish those feats. So who wins; is it the quick and agile martial artist or is it the cunning and ruthless brick, Bane?

Well; I'm gonna give it to Bane.

Too many people in this fight think that once DD figures out he should clip Bane's tubes that it'll be game over for Bane; but Bane has been able to practically kill Batman in his encounters w/o Venom, he's fought giant and bloodthirsty beasts in Skartaris, and has ripped the limbs off of his foes with ease. Bane has nothing invested in toying with Daredevil and has absolutely no reason to keep him alive to prove his superiority or to "break" him mentally or psychologically, Bane's main goal is literally to just BREAK Daredevil in two.

I see Daredevil getting some of the early strikes in as Bane is pumping himself FULL of Venom and tanking the hits, eventually DD might rip out one of the tubes but not before the damage has already been done and Bane has been enhanced enough to gain an even more significant strength edge. If Bane can catch acrobatic foes like Bruce or Nightwing in their tracks then he'd eventually be able to get a grip onto Daredevil; and once he has him it's over. DD won't be escaping that grasp and he doesn't have the durability to withstand Bane's bone breaking blows, there's absolutely nothing to prevent DD's back from being busted.

The environment also doesn't suit either combatant with any big edge. It's daytime so DD isn't going to be able to really hide anywhere and they're out in the middle of Time's Square (which from pictures looks like a pretty big open courtyardish area if I say so myself) so it'll just be the two of them going at it.

Slight majority to Bane 6/10.

That being said; I can totally see why some of the DD debaters are voting for him and I can see why there is going to be a good number of 'Too Close to Call' votes. This is a great matchup and it's one that I'd love to see in the comics for sure.


I'm going to side with Bane on this one 6/10 times.

First let's look at the OP: it's Bane in his Pre-52 entirety, with his venom set-up from Knightfall. This means, as I'm reading it, he's kicked his venom addiction so knocking out his tubes really won't slow him down much if at all, considering most of his Pre-52 fights were without venom. Speaking of Bruce, he holds many of the advantages over Bane that Matt would have: namely speed and skill. Now, this isn't to say Bane is lacking in either department. Bane has shown himself to be quite agile by dodging gunfire, perform acrobatic stunts like flips and rolls, and is skilled enough to routinely hold his own against Batman. If you think his physicals are what allows him to keep up with Bruce, and his skill is dismissable, I would simply direct you to Killer Croc who is all physicals and no skill. So while Matt, with his radar and agility, is likely to dodge blows it is unrealistic to think Bane is never going to tag him and not going to be able to keep up and just have circles run around him.

Now, Matt has taken on physically imposing foes like Bane before (Kingpin immediately comes to mind) which brings me to what I'm sure everyone is thinking: pressure points. Matt routinely uses them against physically superior foes. This is true, no denial here. But, Batman has routinely shown the same pressure point skills (as does Nightwing, whom Bane also beat)...yet he can't routinely land them on Bane the way he does other foes. Why not? It is likely due to the fact Bane is skilled enough that such a precise, and accurate form of attack is easy to deflect off of the small target area. Considering Bruce is a better fighter than Matt (although it admittedly isn't by leaps and bounds) I fail to see why Matt would be able to land such blows rapid fire succession to take the big man down.

Lastly I'll talk about familiarity. With Daredevil's batons and acrobatics he'd likely remind Bane of Nightwing, and his degree of skill would be a reminder of the Bat-family as well. Bane would certainly not underestimate his foe, since he isn't known for that, and he has out-thought Bat-family members before...commonly some of the best combative minds in DC. He not above being patient and waiting for an opening. Daredevil, on the other hand, might assume Bane a brute...thinking him more akin to Kingpin (who's a decent fighter, sure, but not on Bane's level). Matt has fought fought stronger, more durable, and perhaps more skilled, but not all in the same package at once and never with zero knowledge.

Anyway that's all I have time for. Great fight, close one too, but I think Bane takes 6/10.

Image by KEROGA
Image by KEROGA


I'm going to play Devil's advocate here and go with too close to call. I think it is a tough fight regardless of who is the winner. DD's got a slight skill edge in pure martial arts. He is one of the most proficient nerve strike masters in the MU, if not the premiere one. His skill, agility, speed, and radar sense have enabled him to swat away bullets multiple times, dodge around Steve Rogers after Rogers disoriented him, Spider-Man has remarked on his abilities, tangle with Wolverine and a bunch of hand ninjas in his apartment, and fight with the likes of Black Panther, holding back slightly against a bloodlusted Winter Soldier, Iron Fist, Cap, Taskmaster etc. His radar sense has been said to be a step ahead of even spider sense. Now whether you believe all these statements or think he won't win, it doesn't matter. The point is, DD can hang with the best of them.

On Bane's side of the fence, he is coming in with a better pain tolerance, surprising skill level that has almost ended up killing Batman off of venom via drowning, thrash Nightwing in a couple of very brief fights, use the environment to disappear on Tim Drake Robin, fight JPV a few times (albeit some factors being involved), defeat UBU, and the KGBeast etc. And Bane is surprising agile for his size, having performed flips over vats of chemicals to save someone, dodged bullets, and dodged batarangs with acrobatics from Bruce. Adding the venom here increases his already imposing strength and pumps up his endurance. Bane is perfectly capable of giving Daredevil a good fight.

Now why I think this could either way is that both bring specific advantages here. DD with his nerve strikes, agility, and radar. Bane brings venom, strength, and ridiculous pain tolerance. DD's weapons aren't really tailored to fight against the likes of Bane as blunt trauma isn't the best way to go unless you're packing some massive strength, but luckily Murdock has ways to bypass with his pressure point attacks. On the other hand, Bane's venom is an asset and Bane has shown he can fight relatively on par with some upper DC characters and thrash more mid-tier characters, and handle extremely agile and skilled opponents. If Murdock can land successful pressure strikes and it keeps Bane down, he wins. If Bane is able to catch Matt with his own skill, speed and pain tolerance (which I believe he can), and use that strength of his, Matt is liable to go lights out himself.

Image by LenSnart
Image by LenSnart

Chuck Dixon

Bane put Batman out of action. Following that they were in an extended fight that ended close. Daredevil might get a few hits in at first but once Bane gets a grip on him it's all over. Good thing DD wears red. The blood won't show as much.

Gregg Katzman

I know it's a cop-out, but I really do think this one is too close to call. Both are skilled and incredibly tough fighters who bring different advantages to the table. Murdock's advantages are his reflexes, agility, and fantastic hand-to-hand technique (all of which benefit from his radar). He's a tactical fighter who knows how to land effective strikes when he needs to. We've seen him drop a variety of nerve strikes before, after all. He won't do them right away, but the odds of them being used increase the longer the fight goes on. Even if they don't all work on Bane (while off venom, he remarked that a strike to his neck wasn't even felt), Murdock can do some extra damage with his batons. Bane's tough as nails, but he's going to feel those.

It seems like many voters thought Bane is a big dude who will just throw sloppy punches, needs prep time to be formidable, or will be useless once the venom tubes are pulled, but that's not the case. Bane's strengths in this fight may be his superior might and absurdly high pain tolerance, but he's not slow and he's not just a brawler. The dude has what it takes to give Batman good fights in unarmed combat (while off of venom) and even if the venom tubes are removed, he's still a force to be reckoned with. He freaked out when that happened during his fight with Jean-Paul Valley because that was his first time suffering major withdrawal from the drug while also being on it. Bane hasn't shown the same level of hand-to-hand variety as Matt has, but he makes up for that with the force behind his strikes and the fact that, unlike Matt, he's not going to hold back. He has a brilliant and ruthless tactical mind as well, so that could come into play. Daredevil's radar makes him amazingly swift, but he isn't untouchable. Characters disputably less skilled than Bane have been able to tag him and we've seen Bane catch Nightwing (twice), so this isn't going to be a flawless win if DD takes it.

I think both characters have a fair shot at winning. Bane's combination of skill, toughness, and might could overcome. Meanwhile, Daredevil doesn't exactly have a glass jaw, so he's not going to stay down after one hit connects and the longer he's able to dodge and strike, the more and more he'll realize this enemy takes some of the more damaging hits to bring down. DD's extensive hand-to-hand knowledge, agility, reflexes, and batons could lead him to victory. But so could Bane's own kind of ruthless unarmed combat, his very high pain tolerance, and the sheer strength behind his attacks. Gun to my head? I'd barely side with Bane, but I think it really could be anyone's match and this would be ridiculously fun to watch.

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The Batman villains are currently 0-2. Ouch. You're obviously welcome to continue the debate below, but we also want to hear who YOU want to see in the next Battle of the Week. So, which Batman enemy will appear next and who do you want to see 'em battle, Viners? Tell us below or reach out via Twitter.