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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - What We Want to See

Warner Bros. has big plans for the DC cinematic universe and we can't wait to see how it'll all be handled. Only time will tell what they have in store for us, but for now, we want to have some fun and share our own ideas for the movie!

In 2016, we'll finally get to see Batman and Superman share the big screen. The follow-up to Man of Steel will also include Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and probably Aquaman and Flash. Needless to say, we're all incredibly anxious to see how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is handled and, on March 25, 2016, director Zack Snyder will get to show us if the expansion of the DC cinematic universe lives up to the hype. It's a pretty long wait and we'll have plenty of other comic book movies and TV shows to enjoy until then, but we can't help but think about the hugely anticipated DC movie and share what we really want to see in it!

*Contains Man of Steel spoilers*

Watch Wonder Woman kick some butt

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Whether you're optimistic or pessimistic about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the first time you heard the movie will include Wonder Woman was more than likely an exciting bit of news. Not only are we getting Batman and Superman, but we know Wonder Woman's present and she won't just be a quick cameo. Now, we all have our different opinions on Gal Gadot being cast as Diana and we have no idea how significant her role will be, but after Warner Bros' SDCC panel showed what she looks like in her signature attire -- sword, armor and all -- we better see her in action, too! Even if it's just one standout battle scene, it'll be thrilling to see Wonder Woman step up and prove why she's formidable on the big screen.

If I remember correctly, Snyder previously called her a very powerful character, so here's hoping he gets a chance to prove it. We have no idea how her new mythos will be handled, but asking for one memorable action scene with Diana kicking some serious butt really asking to much, is it?

The aftermath of the Metropolis battle

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Love or loathe Man of Steel, many of us will agree it was jarring to jump from the end of the conflict with Zod to a somewhat comedic bit some time later in a totally different location. What went down in Metropolis was huge and we need to see some proper follow-up.

First and foremost, this is something Lex Luthor needs to take advantage of if he wants to turn the public against the Kryptonian. Seeing as he's, you know, Lex Luthor, that's something he'll obviously want to do. Sure, a majority of the damage was done by the World Engine, but if Kal-El wasn't on this planet and if he didn't turn against his fellow aliens, some of the people may think thousands of lives wouldn't have been lost in Metropolis (even though Zod was going to kill everyone anyway). Some will view Superman as a savoir and thank him for saving the planet from Zod, but others will blame Superman for the destruction and Luthor needs to be there to add fuel to the fire. On top of that, his Corporation studying Kryptonian technology means we can open the door to the genius discovering Superman's weaknesses. As we all know, this can eventually lead to Metallo, an armor suit of his own, and so much more. And, just like fans still argue about what happened with Zod, Luthor can use Superman killing Zod as more material against the hero. Will this powerful alien deem himself judge, jury and executioner when it comes to humanity's criminals? Obviously he won't, but Luthor can still spin it in a pretty effective way and make some of the public hate and fear Superman even more.

Speaking of Zod's neck getting snapped, we really need to see that receive some solid follow-up, too. Some of us like why it was done, others think it shouldn't have been done at all and another conclusion should have been reached. No matter how you feel about it, that's the path they chose and now we need to see them double-down on the decision and turn it into something positive for everyone. Superman was forced to kill what he believes to be the last person of his race ("he believes to be" because we had that Supergirl easter egg and it's unknown whether they'll actually follow through with that). He feels like an outsider on a planet full of billions of humans, and he chose those people over his own. Something that big has to take a toll on the hero and give him one heck of an epiphany. His first major challenge as Superman saved the world, but also had thousands of casualties and left his Kryptonian foe deceased. If anything, it should now motivate Clark into a "there's always another way" mentality. Seeing as this universe will now adapt to the existence of super powered beings, more "comic book-ish" elements will hopefully be put in place and allow for more alternatives in future conflicts. Only time shall tell, but Superman killing Zod is one of the most heavily discussed parts of the film and there's no way that has eluded the cast and crews' ears.

Batman vs. Superman needs to be epic

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When news first broke that the next movie would feature Batman and Superman, we weren't sure if they'd follow through with the iconic fight scene from Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. I mean, how could you think Batman stands a chance after seeing Kal-El's physical displays in Man of Steel, right? But after SDCC's teaser showed Batman in armor, we NEED to see a jaw-dropping fight between these two happen.

Many of us suspected Batman won't trust Superman, he'll study the alien and then use his mind to test Clark and they'd eventually reach a truce, but that teaser makes it clear that it's go time and a big brawl is almost guaranteed to happen (if not, that would such a cruel tease). If you've seen The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (if not, go watch both of them), then you know this fight can translate very well and deliver some seriously cool material. Sure, part of us will be saying "HOW is Bruce okay?!" as it goes down, but as long as they make it clear Clark is holding back and they end as allies, it should be a thoroughly entertaining time. Here's hoping both characters get proper respect and they don't disregard innocents as they duke it out.

A more charismatic and confident Superman

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Henry Cavill looks the part extremely well and there were a few bits in Man of Steel which gave him some good dialogue, but much of the movie was showing Clark Kent's internal conflict over his place in the world and he didn't have many opportunities to feel as confident and inspiring as many fans expected him to be. Now that Superman has faced his first big obstacle and saved the planet, it would be great to see his personality shine through with his words more than his physical presence. He's got the latter down -- we see plenty of that in MoS -- but it's time to give him more inspiring dialogue, especially if he's going to get into a conflict with the intellectual Bruce Wayne, face the brilliant Lex Luthor, and possibly form the Justice League. He's got the look and the posture, now let's get more of the charming and uplifting personality!

Less product placement, more worldbuilding

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Look, we can all tolerate a moderate amount of product placement, but it becomes seriously distracting when stores and brands are suddenly a prominent point in various shots. We don't know where the line originated, but "The 'S' stands for Sears" is a good example of the absurd amount of product placement that was in MoS. Yes, they had a good amount of fan service with easter eggs, but if Waner Bros. is now building the hype for a Justice League movie, let's have less focus on getting some extra cash from big names and more easter eggs, yeah? Why will the Justice League potentially form or meet one another? Who's the big bad and will we see hints of their presence? How can they organically justify Aqauman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and possibly the Flash existing in this universe? Man of Steel had various teasers here and there, but Justice League is going to follow this movie and we need to feel that buildup. It shouldn't overshadow or hinder the plot with Lex Luthor, but we need to feel the tension growing and finally get a feeling that DC has its own evergrowing cinematic universe and look forward with optimism and excitement.