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Batman: Under The Hood Animated Movie Update

Guess who's writing it?

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Earlier this week, word got out that DC's next animated PG-13 movie would be Batman: Under The Hood.  It was referred to as "Under The RED Hood" but an update from Mania now has it simply titled "Under The Hood."  This makes more sense considering who is writing.
Judd Winick will be writing the script.  Winick also wrote the storyline that the movie is based on, Batman #635-641.  That's good news for those of us that have read the story.  
The story will deal with a mysterious villain known as the Red Hood apparently returning to Gotham.  This was the identity that the Joker first used before falling into the vat of chemicals that transformed him into his current state.  The return of the Red Hood sees him as an anti-hero and soon pushes a gang war between Black Mask and the Joker to erupt.  Of course we know who is really under the Hood here.  Is everyone aware?  Should we avoid mentioning who in case there are still people that don't know or haven't read it?
I know people are complaining that we're getting too many appearances of Batman in these animated movies.  That may be the case but I have to say I'm excited to see this story adapted.  How about you?