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Batman Family Death Reaction Covers

Get a glimpse as to how the others are dealing with the death of one of their own.

Chances are you have heard the news about what happened in BATMAN INCORPORATED #8. There was a death. A member of the Bat-Family is no more. After a fierce battle, one of Batman's soldiers is dead.

If you haven't read it, seen the cover or managed to somehow avoid all the news, stop reading this now. BuzzFeed exclusively revealed Bat-Family title covers that deal with the death. At least most of them seem to be dealing with the death.


We've read the solicit before. We knew Batman was dealing with something and was "in danger of losing his humanity." The death of not just another Robin, but the death of his actual son will definitely have a huge impact on him.

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You can see the cover is by Greg Capullo, who is not doing the interiors for this issue. Andy Kubert jumps in for this one. He also does a variant cover for BATMAN #18.

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Will Batman put the costume in a glass case? There didn't seem to be much of it left. Perhaps they'd put in a replacement costume in to honor Damian and to make sure he remembers not to let this happen again.

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We would expect some big fallout in this issue as well. It's a pretty harsh cover.

Below you can click on each image to see the covers to BATGIRL #18, BATMAN AND ROBIN #18, NIGHTWING #18, WORLDS' FINEST #10, CATWOMAN #18 (not much of a reaction), RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #18 (another strange "reaction" cover), TEEN TITANS #18 (if you read 17, you might have an idea why Tim appears to be smirking) and DETECTIVE COMICS #18 (first revealed by Newsarama).