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Batman: Brave & The Bold Live Blog San Diego Comic-Con

What's the lastest for Batman: Brave and the Bold?

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The panel has begun.  Diedrich Bader, John DiMaggio, Andrea Romano among others.  The writers mention how the shows differ so much.  In one you have Red Tornado trying to kill his son and then Bat-Mite in another.  Speaking of Bat-Mite, we were given free Bat-Mite mask upon walking in.
  • Andrea Romano feels like she's on a play date when she works with all the actors.
  • When Diedrich Bader started talking, a little boy behind us kept saying to his dad, "That's not Batman."
  • John DiMaggio let out his "Outrageous!" line in the voice of his Aquaman.
  • John DiMaggio does a Batman impression and hold his nose.  Says Batman sounds like he has a cold.
  • G.I. Robot, Detective Chimp, Vixen, Captain Marvel (plus Marvel Family), Firestorm, Metal Men, Doom Patrol, Starro
  • Their approach is to put things together that don't fit together.  If logic starts to make sense, they're doing something wrong.
  • How did Aquaman become cool now?  John DiMaggio says it's because of his hair.  Also gives recognition to Andrea.
  • How did "Outrageous!" come about.  They didn't want Aquaman to necessarily have a catchphrase.  They say that Aquaman is John when his mic isn't on.  Dierich relates it that it isn't just a line on a page.  John channels his inner outrageousness.
  • Now the episode, "Mayhem of the Music Meister" is about to begin.  How will a Batman musical be?  Will it work?
  • No teaser at the beginning?  The Music Meister comes on stage then the opening credits begin.
  • Black Manta, Clock King and Gorilla Grodd appear.  There's Aquaman!  Along with Green Arrow and Black Canary.  Why is Back Manta suddenly singing?  Now Aquaman is.  They can't help themselves!  Gorilla Grodd singing and dancing?  You HAVE to see this!
  • The Music Meister reveals himself!  You have to give Neil Patrick Harris credit.
  • Red LAMP wasn't crazy about sitting through this.  Seeing Grodd and Aquaman dancing together just might have sold him on it.
  • Diedrich nails his first Batman line in this episode. 
  • I think I'm going to have this song stuck in my head all day.
  • Finger snapping too?!?
  • I think Red LAMP is really enjoying this.  You will too!
  • The Music Meister deserves his own show!  Will we get another song?
  • Here we go!  Another song.  This one rocks a little more, as much as a showtune can rock.
  • This chase scene is just crazy.
  • The room is definitely enjoying these musical numbers.
  • Now Black Canary is singing her own song.  Is she a little sweet on Batman?
  • The...choreography used is just brilliant.
  • Even in a musical episode, Batman shows how "good" he is.  He can get out of any situation.  He adds, "Was the singing really necessary?"
  • I wonder if we'll see a soundtrack for this episode?
  • Batman...singing...I'm speechless...
  • Standing Ovation!
  • Time for questions.  A kid asks "Batman" if he remembers him from last year (he asked a question about the Batmobile).  Diedrich answers as Batman.  What's his favorite gadget?  The Batarang.
  • John DiMaggio is now doing whale noises.
  • Will Superman make an appearance?  Superman and Wonder Woman are characters they're thinking about but have to talk to DC.
  • Would we see anything like "Crisis of Infinite Earths" adapted?  "Only if we do it as a musical."
  • Diedrich says anyone can be long as they're a billionaire.
  • Special clip.  Oooh, special guest voice.  Origin of Batman?
  • Diedrich's little kids are dresses as Moon Knight and Shining Star (who?)