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Batman Battle of the Month: Terry McGinnis vs. Miles Morales

Miles Morales or Terry McGinnis? Power or technology? You have all week to think about this one, Viners! Or, you can jump in right now and cast your vote. The choice is yours.

"A 'Batman Battle of the Month' without Bruce Wayne? What kind of madness is this I see on my computer screen?"

Every other month, the Dark Knight will get some much needed R&R in this segment. While he's catching some sleep or finally getting around to a movie he's been waiting to watch, another character from the Batman universe -- be it ally or enemy -- will step up to the plate in this segment and square off against a non-DC character in a random encounter. This month, we thought we'd kick the rotation off with something really special: future Batman vs. alternate universe Spider-Man. Who are you siding with and why, Viners? Read all of the rules below (seriously, it takes less than a minute) and then feel free to cast your vote or post an argument.

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Match Rules

  • Combatants are in character.
  • This is a random encounter.
  • They're fighting in a generic downtown city setting. It's unpopulated, at night and all standard city lights remain on. Assume they start roughly 30 feet apart and visible. There's a fair amount of cover between them (parked vehicles, bus stops and such). The entire area is on limits. This means alleys, rooftops, building interiors, etc.
  • All characters have standard gear.
  • Terry doesn't have anyone in his ear to give advice nor can he call upon vehicles (it's not future Gotham, after all).
  • Incapacitation, knockout or death all count as elimination.


Viners, you have the week to research, debate and vote! This means there's no reason to vote right away if you don't have all of the info you need to make an educated decision. Check the homepage Friday for an updated article with the following:

  • My extended thoughts on the match.
  • A Viner Argument in favor of the poll's winner (can't include scans and must be in the poll thread).
  • Extra thoughts from other Comic Vine staffers.
  • If we're lucky, blurbs from industry talent.

If you have a moment, please vote in this poll and speak your mind. I'm always looking to keep this segment fun and I have plenty of ideas for it that I'd like to propose over time. Your input is greatly appreciated. Seriously, I mean that.

Also, feel free to make future match suggestions in the comments below or via Gregg's Twitter page.