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'Batman' Artist Dustin Nguyen Interview!

Dustin talks about his new website, what it's like drawing Dick as 'Batman' and more! 

Dustin talks about his new website, what it's like drawing Dick as 'Batman' and more!

Being a huge fan of Batman: Streets of Gotham artist Dustin Nguyen, you can imagine I check his website rather frequently. So I was pretty excited to see that he recently created a new website where fans of his work can now purchase some of his original art. I figured with the launc˙ of his new website, what better time than now to congratulate him as well as see what he has been up to with the very popular 'Batman: Streets of Gotham' series. So here it is, Dustin talks to Comic Vine about his work on Batman, whether or not we will be seeing more of his "Little Gothams" and much  more! As always, Dustin is always a pleasure to talk to. To check out the awesome gallery of his stuff, even if you can't afford any of it (like me!) check out his website!                          

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Comic Vine: First, congratulations on the new website! When did you officially go live?
Dustin Nguyen: Thanks! We had started it up Wednesday morning, but i was still uploading art to fill it up that afternoon.

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CV: I know you've had your Duss005 blogspot domain for a while, and you had your Deviantart site up as well. What made you revamp and get the new website?
DN: My buddy kept making fun of my old site and offered to revamp it for me, so it was more of a pity makeover for me. I still use the Deviant for all the regular interaction with fellow artists stuff, but the new site will mostly be used as a store and news place. Not that there's a lot going on in my life, but you know, everyone needs a news place.

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CV: Do you think it's easier to sell via your own domain as opposed to going through Deviantart?
DN: Yeah, definitely, I've always tried to hold off on doing too much business on deviant, i sold a few sketchbooks and prints 
through email there, but i really wanted that place- for me, to be as non commercial as possible. We joke around there, argue over things, talk about tv and movies, so it's always awkward to say " hey, wanna buy this from me?" . On the new site, the stuff is just there, if anyone is interested, they just drop an email and its all easy. My friend Tu, who designed and programed it made it where you can sort pages, search ( soon!), and keep track of everything that's in there easier. Even lets you see what books i have that you can order right off Amazon. Less emails to me directly asking if something is available. All that, but it's still very easy for me to update, upload, post new stuff without having to do much. He knew I'm not the most computer literate person, made it easy enough for me.

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CV: I saw that in the "for sale" section of the store you have already sold a few covers and sketches. I'm jealous! How long did that take?
DN: I think it was from telling a lot of people in the past few months " it's almost done" that they were watching it. Honestly, the first order came in about 10 minutes after we went live. It was nuts.

CV: There is a lot of DC stuff here, more specifically, Batman. Any chance we will be seeing an Iron Man sketch in the mix any time soon?
DN: What are you saying? Are you implying that i cant draw anything else? Haha, yeah, there will be lots of stuff. Pretty much whatever i feel like from time to time. Few weeks ago, i just decided to do Daredevil and Punisher, no reason.

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CV: You have been working on Batman for years now. Batman Detective before and now Batman: Streets of Gotham. You have drawn Bruce Wayne as Batman and now Dick Grayson. Is there a difference? Is it different for you to draw Bruce as Batman as opposed to Dick as Batman?
DN: It really is, and because Dick is not always as brooding as Bruce, it sometimes comes off weird when i have him in costume with lots of shadows. Physically, I've TRIED to thin him up a little in costume, but many people tell me i am still off.

CV: Your latest issue of Streets of Gotham (#8) was written by Mike Benson. Paul Dini is usually the writer for that title, so was it different working with Benson?
DN: Yeah, it's always different working with any writer, they all have their own ways of telling stories and approaching a script. Dini's, I've always been comfortable for some reason. Mike's view of Gotham was very cool, very descriptive in terms of tone and he brings a bit of his noir sense to the story.

CV: Any chance we will be seeing more of "Little Gotham" that you worked on with Derek Fridolfs?
DN: We've put in a few pitches that got nods, and now waiting on powers that be- you know how that be. This just might be the year Babs!