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Batman and the Justice League Team Up With the Power Rangers in New Comic

Writer Tom Taylor and artist Stephen Bryne talk with us about their new comic which has two huge properties crossing over for one event.

DC Comics and Boom Studios have teamed up for the ultimate sandbox comic. Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the newest collaboration between DC and another comic book company, and the six-issue miniseries features your favorite characters all in one comic.

Writer Tom Taylor and artist Stephen Byrne discussed the upcoming book with GameSpot, which will be available on Wednesday, January 11.

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"Something massive happens in the Power Rangers world and brings the power rangers to the world of the Justice League," Taylor told ComicVine. "It brings Zack [the black Power Ranger] face-to-face with Batman."

Power Rangers villain Lord Zedd is set to be the main antagonist in this book, and according to Taylor, he will be teaming up with DC villains, which have not been announced at this time. Byrne said that the pairing of these villains--from different worlds--is "very clever."

"I've been a fan of Power Rangers since I was a kid," Byrne continued. "I used to draw my own Power Rangers comics when I was eight years old and to be asked to work on this project felt very exciting. Also, a lot of the other DC characters have been on my comic book bucket list of people I've wanted to draw. Getting to do this book is mashing together all my favorite things."

While there are many different versions of the Power Rangers, this miniseries focuses on the first generation, including Tommy as the Green Ranger. "It's that nostalgia thing," said Taylor. "It's what we grew up with. DC, Saban, and Boom had decided 'We should use these guys.' I think it makes a lot of sense."

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Taylor continued to say that there is a lot to establish with both worlds in issue #1, and the second issue is where "things start to explode," literally and figuratively. Unfortunately for Power Rangers fans, we will not see Bulk and Skull, at least at this point: "We don't know what we're doing with Bulk and Skull yet, but we do believe we're going to see them at some stage," he explained. "Everyone wants to see them."

The first issue kicks off with what appears to be the Rangers' robotic helper, Alpha 5, exploding. Taylor, who is Australian, actually has a bit of a connection to this memorable character: "For me [blowing up Alpha 5] was doubly satisfying because I'm friends with Richard Horvitz, the voice of Alpha 5. He comes to Australia and annoys people. We sit at restaurants, and he says 'G'day' a lot, and people don't realize he's from America. I think there's something a bit strange about him. For years, we've sat in restaurants and been silly together, and there was this moment where I was like, 'Oh man, I get to blow up Richard Horvitz. I'm going for it.'"

Both Taylor and Byrne highlight the idea that this is a fun book, and they're having fun doing it. Byrne described the final moment from issue #1, which features a mixture of both worlds: "I enjoy the last page of the book, which I don't want to spoil. [It] is a great mash-up of the two worlds. It's the quintessential taster of all the possibilities to come in future issues. It seemed like every two pages there was another enormous moment or character reveal. I wanted that moment the Power Rangers being the beacon of light in [the Justice League's] dark world."

Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 will be available on Wednesday, January 11.