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Batman and the Flash Explore the Rebirth Mystery of "The Button"

The Dark Knight and the Fastest Man Alive are exploring the connection that altered the entire DC Universe.

Last May, the DC Universe went through a "Rebirth." The publisher made some changes and brought back classic elements to characters. The release of the 80-page DC Universe: Rebirth issue delivered a lot of developments, and some questions are still unanswered. One of the mysteries we saw was the revelation that someone from outside the universe was responsible for the changes that occurred back in 2011. Batman discovered a button embedded in the wall of the Batcave--one that is familiar to anyone who's read Watchmen.

In April, Batman and the Flash are going to investigate the significance of this button.

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"The Button" takes place in a four-part story arc spanning issues #21 and #22 of both Batman and The Flash. The Batman issues are by Tom King and Jason Fabok, and the Flash issues are by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter. Each issue is priced at $2.99. They will also be available with special lenticular covers for $3.99 each.

DC's two greatest detectives will attempt to solve the mystery of the blood-stained smiley face button. All signs point to Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan being responsible. DC has stated the secrets of the button will "prove irresistible to an unwelcome third party--and it's not who anyone suspects."

The mystery will begin to unravel on April 19.