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BATMAN #28 Spoiler

You really have to read the issue. But this is big news.

We're not ones to reveal big spoilers in comics, especially on the day the issue is released. We strongly believe these comics need to be purchased and read in their entirety in order to fully enjoy them.

The latest issue of BATMAN takes a break from the Zero Year story and gives us a peek into what we can expect during the upcoming weekly BATMAN ETERNAL series. On this week's DC All Access video, Scott Snyder mentioned this would be like BATMAN ETERNAL #39.5.

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While there are a lot of developments in this one issue, there is a big thing that you may have already heard about. We are so excited that we had to post about it now. Do yourself a favor and read the issue first. If you can't make it to your comic shop, get it off comiXology.

This is your last warning. Look away in order to avoid SPOILER!

How about that?

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We're not gonna show you the full image. How fitting is it that Dustin Nguyen drew her final cover in BATGIRL (pre-New 52) and is also the artist to draw her return?

If this doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what else to tell you. Buy the issue. Lots of cool scenes with ______ and ______!