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Batgirl #5 Cover Revealed

Is her new costume growing on you yet?

When we first saw the new Batgirl's new costume (with purple accents), I wasn't exactly thrilled.  While I haven't seen her wearing it in action just yet, I might be willing to change my mind.  If she is serious about taking on this identity, I suppose she should make the role hers.  We've had some other Batgirls in the past and now Stephanie has some big boots to fill.  It makes sense that she should add in some of her own identity into the costume and persona if this is what we're going to be stuck with for now.  
Check out the cover for issue #5 courtesy of DC with art by Phil Noto.


I'm still not completely sold but maybe it won't be so bad.  After all Yvonne Craig's version was purple.  What do you think about this image and her costume?