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Bat-Manga Vol 2 Coming Soon

why does it feel like the pictures are screaming at me?

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Holy Godzilla Batman! ICV2 reported that there will in fact be a follow-up to the cult hit Bat-Manga. The first volume was put together by Chip Kidd who is planning on putting the sequel together.

 The first volume, which was published by Pantheon in October of 2008 collected some of the Batman manga strips that had been published in in the wake of the worldwide popularity of the Batman TV series in 1966 and reprinted them alongside full color photos of the largest collection of Japanese Batman toys in captivity.

The first volume is insane. I've flipped through the pages a few times, and it's cocaine for your eyes. There's so much going on in every page, you sometimes get confused to what you're supposed to be looking at. If you're into Batman.... and Manga, you'll love this stuff. I'd also recommend this and new the book for avid Bat-Collectors. 
You can find the first volume available on amazon for under $20. No word yet when Vol 2 will come out.
  ~ Mat Elfring (InferiorEgo) is a comedian, teacher, comic store employee, comic book writer, and the saddest man alive. ~ 
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Posted By Agent Buttons
I saw the first volume at BN.
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Posted By gmanfromheck

I bought that first volume.  I actually got the 'limited' edition version.  It's great stuff.  Pure Batman-manga.  There aren't really any villains we'd be familiar with but it's pretty cool seeing Batman this way.  I know there was a little controversy when this was published but it's just cool stuff.  Glad it's available and that more is coming.

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Posted By Harlekin

I love the villains and would love if somebody crazy like Grant Morrison who likes to bring things from Batman's history go and farm some of the villains like Lord Death Man, Go-Go The Magician, Faceless and Karmak.

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Posted By Red Rum

If you really want a manga version of Batman, and I mean REALLY mangafied, check THIS out: 

 The Batclan of Goth-Am.
 The Batclan of Goth-Am.

This the Batclan, from DeviantArt's Nightshade475. Obviously, Nightshade took inspiration from Naruto for the designs for Batman, his apprentices Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl, and the other ninjas of Goth-Am City, such as the Question, Huntress, and the Spectre

 The Arkhamites.
 The Arkhamites.
And THESE are the inhabitants of Arkham Island, an enchanted island used by priests to rehabilitate insane super-criminals. 
From top, clockwise: 
Catwoman, matriarch of the Cat Clan.
Killer Croc, avatar of the Demon Crocodile
Phantasm, former apprentice of the Spectre.
Red Hood, older brother and archenemy of Nightwing.
Poison Ivy, who feeds her enemies to the Demon Tree Jubokko.
The Joker, archnemesis of the Batman.
The Riddler, patriarch of the Enigma Clan and father of Cluemaster and Question.
Two-Face, former friend of Batman who is heavily tattooed with markings of a death goddess.
and Master Freeze, ice-bending enemy of Batman the Seven Sea Samurai (which includes Aquaman).
For more DC Mangaverse, check out Nightshade475 at Deviantart. 
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@Red Rum: lol... nice stuff
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My eyes just threw up

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I think.... I think.... I.... Grabs chest, eyes wide, heartbeat fading ... just had an epic fail induced.... heart.... atta-- falls over
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Snazzleberry, not my cup but cool none the less

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I approve of this...for now