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Bat-Manga Vol 2 Coming Soon

why does it feel like the pictures are screaming at me?

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Holy Godzilla Batman! ICV2 reported that there will in fact be a follow-up to the cult hit Bat-Manga. The first volume was put together by Chip Kidd who is planning on putting the sequel together.

 The first volume, which was published by Pantheon in October of 2008 collected some of the Batman manga strips that had been published in in the wake of the worldwide popularity of the Batman TV series in 1966 and reprinted them alongside full color photos of the largest collection of Japanese Batman toys in captivity.

The first volume is insane. I've flipped through the pages a few times, and it's cocaine for your eyes. There's so much going on in every page, you sometimes get confused to what you're supposed to be looking at. If you're into Batman.... and Manga, you'll love this stuff. I'd also recommend this and new the book for avid Bat-Collectors. 
You can find the first volume available on amazon for under $20. No word yet when Vol 2 will come out.
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