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'Baroness' Step-By-Step And 'G.I. Joe Wraparound!

Creator Ben Templesmith gives us a look at his rendition of 'The Baroness,' 'Storm Shadow,' and 'Snake Eyes'


Step by Step Art. G.I. Joe Baroness One-shot! In February...

Come February, there should be a GI Joe Baroness One-shot out from IDW Publishing. I'm drawing it! (No not a movie one, from the comics stuff, which I obviously much prefer) Finally got the ok so I don't feel naughty showing a bit of how the cover 
(or one of them) went...

Started off with a basic line drawing I did up, regular size so I can get more of a handle on it. I then blew it up & transposed it to a large toned sheet of Reeves paper.
Lots of painting. Ink, acrylic, some charcoal too I think . I kinda forgot to take many photos during this whole part of the process. Sorry! Here it is, basically finished before the computer work.

I wrote a comment for this one twice already actually, but it's been failing to load so I keep losing it.  


 Suffice to say, here's the basic scan, just with a little hint of a photo mouth and nose (from a bunch I keep on file) plus a little airbrushing to flesh out and add a little realism to the faces. I do that often.


Next up I just go about darkening and lighting the image via some dodge and burn. Apart from anything it brings out the natural painty texture stuff I have going on in the original. I also drop an overlay of an old photo I took of a concrete floor, since I like the crack lines it has.  
This was my first final in colours. I work tonally pretty much, and blend everything in in stages. Kind of a big fan of coloured lighting that gives hues to everything.
Only, uh, problem was...I accidentally saved over the image as a jpeg only. Not really the best if you want to go to I had to redo the next image. This one is lost to the ether! 


The err..."final" final... I couldn't replicate the initial colours I came up with...but I don't mind this one either. A bit warmer, probably stand out on a shelf a little more perhaps.

GI Joe Wraparound before and after...

Since the Baroness went down so well, not sure if I ever showed any WIP for the other one I did, so here's a before and after.

This is pretty much the original but I had already started to add photo bits of smoke in which I then darkened up, just to add some volume kinda to the billowing smoke. Apart from that it was all tonal colour & selective little dodge and burning highlights.