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Awesome Toy Picks: Justice League NEW 52 Superman Action Figure

A cool collectible you'll want in your collection.

Superman has finally made it back to the big screen. For those wishing to include a new figure in their collections, they've probably noticed a severe lack of really cool Superman figures. If we're being honest, the Man of Steel figures are ones you'll want to quickly pass by in the store aisles. In honor the movie weekend, I really wanted to feature a Superman figure. Luckily I never spotlighted the Justice League NEW 52 figure (that I've had in the box since February).

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This is probably the best Superman figure available right now. You won't find it in regular toy stores but chances are, if you don't already have it, you can find one at your local comic shop or you can order direct from DC Entertainment's online store. The price is $24.95 and it ships within a day.

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If you have any of the other NEW 52 Justice League figures, of course you need to have a Superman. It is the new costume and he has an interesting face sculpt but it is extremely better than the other current Superman figures.

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Articulation is always a big factor in action figures. How much is needed? How much is too much? I'm not a fan of the stomach articulation. I don't feel it's needed and it adds an obvious joint on the figure. Thankfully these figures don't have that. His arms a re a little stiff (because of his big muscles, right?).

If you do have some or all of the other figures, they do go together nicely.

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Yup, Batman is always watching.

Remember that Darkseid figure? We did a spotlight on him back in December. There was a 'battle' with the Justice League but Superman was sort of missing from that. Here's round 2.

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I really do wish we had some more cool Superman action figures. He is supposed to stand for hope. He should be a figure representing a character people can admire. From the more affordable figures available, I'll stick with this one.

That's it for this week. Be sure to look for the next installment.

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Avatar image for michellelaura71
Posted By michellelaura71

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Avatar image for MadFacedKid
Posted By MadFacedKid

@foxxfireart: xD I found it funny they should of put him in the corner to make it more dramatic..

Avatar image for cobra2442
Edited By Cobra2442

@savagedragon: The full JL set at Target is a little better for $49.99. Includes all of them!

Avatar image for jhorton10
Posted By JHorton10

To be honest, im not a fan of supermans new cape, but he does look cool.

would personally prefer the Batman new 52 figure though

Avatar image for w0nd
Posted By w0nd

are any of you guys going to get the art fx statues?

Avatar image for bad_people
Posted By Bad_People

He looks mildly asian.

Avatar image for druzod2501
Posted By druzod2501

I'm one who actually likes the face. To me it gives the figure a unique personality different from most Superman figures. The cape is near perfect, but I prefer cloth capes

Avatar image for kerrigan
Posted By Kerrigan

I liked the DC Unlimited figure, even if the blue is a little shiny. The face seems to fit the newer version quite well (although it's still a bit weird and long). Don't have any of the New 52 Justice League figs, so I don't know if this is quite on the same scale...

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Avatar image for aweekingeekdom
Posted By AWeekInGeekdom

I like the face, the only one of the new 52 figures I've disliked a bit was Flash, there's something about his expression that creeps me out O_o.

Avatar image for g_money_christmas
Edited By G_Money_Christmas

I really like mine. It's one of my favorites but I had to take him off my main shelf and put him on a higher one leaning against the wall because he has balance problems. He sadly has some scuff marks too. I never have trouble with my Batman one but Superman has fallen off the shelf multiple times so I had to take him off the main shelf and lean him against the wall: /

I really want the Green Arrow and the soon to be released Martian Manhunter. I hope they release all of the JLA figures. I'm a much bigger fan of that than the regular JL.

Avatar image for SideburnGuru
Posted By SideburnGuru

@redo7 said:

not bad at all considering the other Superman figures,... There is supposed to be another series with Joker and Black Adam, Lets see if they make Shazam or Lobo.


I'm serious. I need a good Lobo for my collection. I have one Lobo, but it looks so eh. WE NEED DETAILED, DREADLOCKED, "Bite me fanboys", with the classic skull and stars knee pads Lobo.


Avatar image for thecowman
Posted By TheCowman

Doesn't look right without the S-curl.

Avatar image for miss_garrick
Posted By Miss_Garrick

This Superman figure does look great, but I dunno, Wonder Woman looks too big in comparison.

No Caption Provided

Well, at least he got rid of those silly red shorts. Now I can take him seriously. LOL, I kid the man of super.

Avatar image for techwarrior
Posted By Techwarrior

I love the coloring on this figure, as for the face I think it is fine not that bad, compared to some others It's nice.

Funny thing I've noticed, Batman looked like he was about to commit suicide in the backdrop when Superman and Wonder Woman were talking.

Avatar image for themanintheshoe
Edited By TheManInTheShoe

I agree on the faces, does not look good. Though otherwise they seem to be in good condition.

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

I'm not huge on figures I much prefer busts and statues

Avatar image for w0nd
Posted By w0nd

I still find it hilarious that they took someone who is next to invulnerable and gave him body armor. Batman looks like such a creep spying on on him and Wonder Woman.

If they are going with that bio aura thing then fine, but if they are going by just him being strong his suit would shred to pieces every second day

Avatar image for tupiaz
Posted By tupiaz

@g_man: I'm not talking about the new series for the new show. I'm talking about the remake of the old figures from the 80's. These:

Avatar image for maxicere
Posted By maxicere

Sorry, for me its an horrible figure

Avatar image for rothekid
Posted By RoTheKid

Good review, Tony! I actually have this toy and just like a few people have pointed out, I'm not too crazy about the face either. However, the sculpt is very well done. I think I will pick up a Man of Steel figure though! Keep up the great work, Tony! :)

Avatar image for ciriel
Posted By Ciriel

I need more New 52 figures, but I picked up that Superman awhile ago

Avatar image for snarkybits
Posted By snarkybits

"Yup, Batman is always watching."


Avatar image for mrdecepticonleader
Posted By mrdecepticonleader

24 for these Yeah they are pretty pricey since other figures in this scale from other companies are cheaper and some have more detail articulation and accessories.

If you actually want a decent figure to represent Superman from the new movie I suggest checking out their movie master figures.

No Caption Provided

I am contemplating picking the Zod in armour up.

No Caption Provided

Don't usually pick up the Mattel figures but I might just buy this one.

Avatar image for ajo16
Posted By AjO16
No Caption Provided

How about the Superman Kryptonian utility Belt. Superman never Leaves home without his Throwing Wings.

Avatar image for mrmazz
Posted By MrMazz

Man Batman in just Forever Alone territory

Avatar image for marvelftw
Posted By marvelftw

When I saw Batman spying on them and then saw the caption I laughed lol

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Batman is such a perv...

Avatar image for razzatazz
Posted By RazzaTazz

Superman + Wonder Woman = blech

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck
Avatar image for cloudzackvincent
Posted By cloudzackvincent

@g_man: great figure... and it was a nice tough with batman and ww.. very however i still like kotobukiya's new 52 line better.. speaking of which... do you collect those too? if yes, how about doing a piece on them.

Avatar image for longbowhunter
Posted By longbowhunter

Havent bought any of the New 52 figures yet. That may change in a few short months.

No Caption Provided

Avatar image for timotheus316
Posted By Timotheus316

If he wasn't smiling like some creeper dumbass I'd buy it. He needs a bit more serious of a face.

Avatar image for redo7
Posted By redo7

not bad at all considering the other Superman figures,... There is supposed to be another series with Joker and Black Adam, Lets see if they make Shazam or Lobo.

Avatar image for thexx
Posted By ThexX

I dunno the face isn't doing it for me. Doesn't look like a bad figure tho.

I was thinking the same thing.

Avatar image for spartan101
Edited By Spartan101

Would of loved man of steel film to use this outfit of new 52 instead...

Avatar image for shallbecomeabattoo
Edited By Shallbecomeabattoo

Those regular Man Of Steel toys are horrible! Are the MoS movie masters any better? Wth the Batman movies they made a huge difference.

Avatar image for shadowinfinite

"Batman is always watching" Batman needs a life then.

Avatar image for tacos_kickass
Edited By Tacos_Kickass

In some of the angles his face looks kinda like Micheal Jackson's.

Avatar image for tupiaz
Posted By tupiaz

@g_man: Are you going to do a TMNT classic collection review? I'm looking forward to Beebob and Rocksteady getting released in August.

Avatar image for ultimatesmfan
Edited By UltimateSMfan

@g_man said:

@savagedragon: Better than this one!

No Caption Provided

hahahaha cant believe how much i laughed at this just now, though the new 52 action figure is definitely more wallet friendly than that beautiful statue and boy is it beautiful!

Avatar image for mister_sensational
Posted By Mister_Sensational

I really wish DC direct had a 3 3/4" line like Marvel Universe that way not only could I have DC figures in scale with all my Marvel ones but finding space to keep them all would be less of a problem as well. Though I must say even despite the lack of articulation those JL figures are still beautiful all the same.

Avatar image for SideburnGuru
Posted By SideburnGuru

@g_man: Sweet deal! Thanks.

On that note, I don't know any of myself, but I need humored. Know any Lobo figures that are scheduled to come out anytime soon? The merch for Lobo is so limited, and I'm hoping with his appearance in Injustice and his appearance in Villains Month, they'll give him some more stuff.

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck

@sideburnguru: I do 'em every week. I used to do a couple in the same post but decided to focus on the one character. You can filter the search to 'articles' and type "Awesome Toy" and find past ones easily.

Avatar image for SideburnGuru
Posted By SideburnGuru

Not too huge on the face, but I saw what they were going for. I'm liking these Awesome Toy Picks, being a huge collector and all that. Maybe do more than one, and feature about five?

Also, like how you put poor ol Batman to the side, while Wonder Woman and Superman have their conversation. Poor Batman.

Avatar image for foxxfireart
Edited By FoxxFireArt

I still find it hilarious that they took someone who is next to invulnerable and gave him body armor. Batman looks like such a creep spying on on him and Wonder Woman.

Avatar image for aiden_cross
Edited By Aiden Cross

I have to agree with SavageDragon, there's something about that face that just doesn't sit right with me...

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck
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