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Awesome Art Picks: X-Men, Captain America, Batman and More

The coolest comic art you won't see in comics.

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Time for another gathering of the coolest comic book art that won't appear in comic books. Each week as I cruise around the internet trying to keep up with the digital world, I come across some really great pieces of art.

Artists love to draw. It's their passion. When they're not working on the art for the actual books they're signed to, they often do sketches for practice or just to experiment. It's really cool to see one of your favorite artists draw a character they might not get the official chance to draw anytime soon (I'm still waiting to see Francis Manapul draw Spider-Man, but that's another story).

To kick off this edition, let's get patriotic with Captain America. Now I can't vouch for how recent this picture might be. It's clearly from this year. But it's Chris Bachalo and it's pretty dang sweet. I saw this posted on Aw Yeah Comics! Tumblr and felt it was worthy to be included here. I'm a fan of Bachalo and would love to see more from him on a regular basis.

That's not all we have.

== TEASER ==

Marcus To just wrapped up art duties on Red Robin. He mentioned on this Tumblr before about doing an original X-Men piece. He just posted the finished results the other day.

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He gave the piece to his friend, Ian Herring who painted over it. You can pick up a print of this at the Toronto Fan Expo next weekend and in future conventions such as Emerald City Con in Seattle.

Dave Johnson was tweeting some recent sketches he did last weekend at a Con. Who do we have up first? How about, in his words, Commie Batman?

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He also posted a Nick Fury sketch.

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Chris Burnham really caught my attention on Batman Incorporated and Batman and Robin. Check out his Silver Age Batwoman and Batgirl done at WWC.

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Looks great to me. I want more!

We can't go a week without Phil Noto, right? Well, we actually have when he didn't have a new piece up. He just posted this Psylocke image this week on his Tumblr.

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What's the story and why does she have a cigarette? Here's what Phil wrote:

Betsy Braddock 1982- So last night Rick Remender alerted me to the fact that Psylocke’s purple hair was actually a conscious fashion choice that British model, Betsy made in 1982. So as Ricky Bobby would say, ” I like to picture my Betsy Braddock as a punk rocker hanging out the club wearin’ her Joy Division t-shirt, drinkin’ beer and smokin’ them fancy cigarettes.” Amen.

Where is our monthly fix of Amanda Conner art? Each month I keep waiting for something to be announced. Xeroxkitty pointed this Starfire picture in my direction. Not sure when it was done but it's pretty good.

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What about Chris Samnee? This week he has a Dark Phoenix sketch on his blog.

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What about Madman art? You might be aware that I totally dig Mike Allred's Madman. So how about a Madman piece...not drawn by Allred?

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As you can maybe tell, this Madman piece was actually drawn by Mitch Breitweiser. If you like it and you're looking to some original art, you can actually buy this piece. Last I checked, it was still available.

And finally, we have a couple pieces from Dan Hipp posted on his blog. The first is his idea of a Tintin cover. Check out who popped in.

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He also had this...interesting Batman and Two-Face picture.

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If only fighting crime were that easy Batman.

That's it for this week. We had some bonus pieces. Hope you enjoyed them. Let us know which was your favorite(s). Be sure to check out the next installment in a week.