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Awesome Art Picks: Frank Quitely Draws Alan Moore, and More

You'd be amazed at all the original artwork comic artists create that are not seen in comic books.

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Every week I scour the internet for the latest in comic book news when preparing for the weekly podcast. The internet is a crazy and amazing place, as I'm sure you know.

When it comes to comic book stuff, there's so much that pops up that doesn't always make the major headlines. Specifically, comic book creators often produce incredible and beautiful pieces of art for their personal blogs or for different charities. I thought about doing this on a weekly basis, depending on what you guys think.

The first piece you see to the right. It's a hauntingly great drawing of Alan Moore by Frank Quitely. I saw this over at Bleeding Cool. Apparently it's on display at Centro Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia of Rosario in Argentina. It was actually C.B. Cebulski that took a picture of the picture and posted it via Twitter.

As an added coolness factor, if you look at a larger version of this image, you can see the names of all the projects Moore has worked on written/woven into his beard. Frank is an amazing artist.

But that's not all I found this week. Wonder Woman, Barbara Gordon, Spider-Man & Mary Jane and Swamp Thing have also been discovered this week.

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I've mentioned how much I dig Mitch Breitweiser's art and Bettie Breitweiser's colors. Mitch tweeted this image of Wonder Woman the other day and I was impressed.

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The original, non-Bettie colored version can be bid on with proceeds going for the family of Brittany Delarosa. You can read more details here:

The next piece is by Phil Noto. I saw this beauty on his Tumblr account in regards to the news of Barbara Gordon becoming Batgirl once again.

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Due to his fondness for the character and because his first job was creating covers for Birds of Prey, he grew attached to her and is sad to see the character he knows in Oracle leave us. He does believe she is in capable hands with Gail Simone writing the new series.

The next piece is by Marcus To. Not only is he a cool guy, but he's a great artist as well. You can currently see him drawing Tim Drake's adventures in the pages of Red Robin. I found this image on his Tumblr and the finished product will be made into a print to be sold at conventions he appears at.

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We'll have to stay tuned to see the finished product with if colors when their added. Looks pretty dang sweet to me this way. He does say he'll be working on some other pieces as well.

The final piece I saw late yesterday. It's from Francesco Francavilla and of course it's of Swamp Thing.

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Scott Snyder will be working on the new series with Yanick Paquette and Francesco will be doing special fill in issues. By the looks of this, it's going to be special indeed.

So there you have our first round of awesome art picks. What did you think of these? Let us know if you dug this and feel free to pm me or email me if you find any other truly wonderful items that really deserve to be showcased.