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Awesome Art Picks: Cyclops, Princess Leia, Superman and More

Some of this week's coolest comic book art you won't see in comic books.

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Each week we try to gather some of the coolest comic book art that won't be appearing in actual comic books. Because artists love what they do, they are constantly sketching and drawing images when they are not working on an actual assignment. It's important to experiment and it gives us a chance to see some really great renditions of our favorite characters that we might not normally get to see.

To see past editions of our collection of art picks, just filter the search above and type in "Awesome Art Picks."

The first image you can see here shows that less is sometimes better. I'm not an art expert and I'm sure I will be corrected but I believe this uses the idea of negative space. This image of Cyclops blasting away at a Sentinel was done by Chris Samnee. He worked on this really cool book called Thor: The Mighty Avenger and has done some issues of The Mighty and Captain America. His art really speaks for itself.

Chris even puts up sketches for sale periodically on his website so check it out if you like his stuff and want some original art.

Of course we have more to look at.

== TEASER ==

I try not to do multiple images by the same artist but Chris Samnee also did this really cool piece on J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter this week.

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I think it's obvious we really need to see more from Chris.

What about Princess Leia? How many drawings have we seen of her over the years? She is usually depicted in her original white outfit or in her Slave Leia outfit. Here's a different take by Phil Noto, seen on his Tumblr page.

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Leia was tough in the movies but imagine what might have happened if Vader and the Emperor got their hands on her. Sure she would have been able to easily resist them but the fact is she has the potentially to be a really kickass character, something I've always thought since reading the novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye.

Being that it is the Fourth of July weekend in the United States, we couldn't have not have a picture of Captain America. Also, based on the past editions of Awesome Art Picks, we can't not have a picture by Mitch Breitweiser.

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Posted on his site, this was done apparently on the road. Pretty dang sweet.

How about Superman? How about a cute rendition of Superman? He is (or was) all about Truth, Justice and the American way.

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This piece was done by Agnes Garbowska on her Tumblr. Check out her webcomic on her website.

Finally, prepare yourself for...Spider-Nam.

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Done by James Stokoe (HeGotGronch via Twitter)...the images are mind-blowing. He has a site with other images you should check out.

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And finally, a last minute edition from Philip Tan of Starfox.

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I love Philip's caption for this: "Quick update then running again. Today's sketch; Starfox! What happened to him, btw? :p"

"Today's sketch"? Dang, I wish I could just do a random daily sketch like that.

That wraps up this week's edition. What did you think of these? We will have another edition next week.