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Awesome Art Picks: Captain America, Swamp Thing, Weapon X and More

Check out these great pieces of art that you won't see in a printed comic book.

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It's time once again for the coolest comic book art that you won't see in comic books. Every day, there is so much art that makes its way to the internet.

Professional artists are often drawing images, not just for projects their working on. Sometimes they draw to experiment on their personal blogs or Tumblr accounts. Other times artists will donate their work for great causes.

Each week as I cruise the internet, I come across these amazing pieces and make sure I share them with all of you.

The first you see is Captain America by Gabriel Hardman (artist on Hulk). This piece was done for the Joseph Miller Memorial Art Gallery. You can find out more about the cause here.

Unfortunately the bidding for this Cap piece ended on Thursday. How much do you think it went for? How much would you pay? It actually ended up going for $255.00. That's pretty cheap for an original piece. Add the fact that it is an awesome original piece.

What else is there?

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Francesco Francavilla actually has two pieces here this week. The first is Wolverine during his Weapon X time found on Francesco's website.

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The second (also on his website) was done in celebration for the upcoming Swamp Thing comic that he will be contributing to from time to time.

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Both are pretty dang sweet. I wish I could just crank out sweet art like this just for fun.

The next is by Phil Noto (he's becoming a regular here as well). On his Tumblr account he posted this picture of Sue Storm in her Future Foundation costume.

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What I like about this, it's a simple image and Sue looks good. We don't see her fully body so it leaves a little to the imagination. Also, that background looks like the Thing.

What about Jeff Smith's BONE? I still love that comic and miss it so much.

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This was another original piece that Jeff Smith did for the 90th Anniversary of Scholastic.

The next image comes from the amazing James Jean. I came in late in reading Fables but it was his covers that first caught my eye.

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This comes from James' blog and the image is called ESCAPE. For added coolness, cruise over to the blog and check out the pre-colored penciled images.

The final image is sort of a bonus image. It doesn't official follow the guideline of this article since it will show up in printed form.

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Coming from Dustin Nguyen's Deviant Art page, this is the variant cover to Batman: Gates of Gotham #3. Because it's a variant, not everyone will get a chance to see the cover in person.

What do you think of these? Pretty snazzy stuff, right? We'll have another installment next week.