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Awesome Art Picks: Baby Magneto, Vintage Captain America and More

Check out this week's picks of the coolest art that has to be seen.

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Last week I shared some really cool art finds during my everyday trip cruising around the internet. There are a lot of talented creators working in comics. Artists are constantly doing art, not just for comic books. A lot of their work doesn't appear in actual comic books. The idea here is to check out some of the cool stuff that is out there that you might not normally come across.

The first you see here is clearly inspired by the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie. While this looks like an actual movie poster, it is but it's not. The art was done by Paolo Rivera and only one hundred copies were printed. They were made for the cast and crew of the movie. Last week, the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival gave away five of them.

It's a shame that a poster of this quality wouldn't be acceptable as an actual poster seen in movie theaters. The latest craze in Hollywood is having multiple posters, each featuring one single character. Because the movie is set in the 1940s, it makes perfect sense to have a movie inspired by that time period. Maybe this poster is just too cool for Hollywood.

The next one sort of takes us in a different direction. Who doesn't want to see Baby Magneto?

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Skottie Young Tweeted this following image:

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This amazing 3D image was done by Victor Hugo, aka Torugo. How cool is this? Imagine if we could get an X-Babies movie done in this fashion. It's too bad that FOX holds the rights to the X-Men because it sure would be sweet to see Disney or Pixar make this happen.

We had a Wonder Woman picture last week by Mitch Breitweiser and we have another one this week.

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We've seen so many renditions of Wonder Woman over the years but there's something fierce and elegant about Mitch's version here. Images like this always make you wonder what would it be like to have an actual comic or series drawn by the artist. Let's hope it happens someday.

In honor of Green Lantern and done for a good cause, Dennis Calero drew the following Green Lantern Corps image.

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If you're quick, you might be able to catch the end of this auction and place a bid on the non-colored version over on ebay. For more information on the cause that Dennis is giving the proceeds to, check out Bettie Breitweiser's Tumblr page.

The next is called Awkward Family Photo done by Phil Noto via his Tumblr page.

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Yes, that's Wolverine with Jubilee and X-23. The inspiration was in honor of the Wolverine/Jubilee hardcover that came out this week.

What did you think of this week's selections? If you liked these, I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for another round next week!