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Avengers Line-Up Revealed

Marvel's fabulous five...

Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America.

They’re the new Avengers line-up, as this cover for Bendis and JRJR's first issue (released to IGN today) will evidence.

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Fret not if you’re anxious about the exclusion of Spider-Woman and Hawkeye here. Beguiling Brian Bendis confirmed that the line-up isn’t limited to the five pictured abvoe.

Looks like they’re solidly going for a “Big Guns” style line-up. I remember that, for years, the Avengers typically differed from the JLA in that their line-up had (mostly) second stringers while the Justice League’s was all DC heavy hitters. Kurt Busiek broke the difference down with a baseball metaphor during his run -- the Avengers were like a baseball team that’d have the best catcher, the best short stop, the best right fielder and so on, while the JLA had only the best batters. For a long time, it was thus considered “impossible” for Wolverine or Spider-Man to be on the line-up. Well, since the success of NEW AVENGERS, I think that impossibility will be gradually forgotten.  

Something - - call it a hunch - - tells me Marvel still has more rabbits to pull out of the hat, here.   We still don’t know who the Secret Avengers are, after all.  What do you think, Comic Vine community? Does this line-up work? Will there be more announcements?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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Posted By SUPER-MAN 23

Looks cool

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Edited By Toastalchemist

Why Wolverine? He's on every team. I'm so sick of him. 

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Posted By gmanfromheck

I love Spider-Man and Wolverine's interactions. I've always said that Wolverine has been written best lately when in the New Avengers.

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Posted By uncanny89

I think that its about time that wolverine chose which teams he wants to be on, the X-Men or the Avengers he shouldnt be on both.  Also to be realistic the X-Men are on the west coast and the Avengers are east coast does he catch a quin jet or something everytime he is needed?
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Posted By Chane

Only 5 members...? Interesting.

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Posted By Watch Dog

I am pleased with the line up but not the art

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Posted By Benzo

Wooooo! I'm so glad that spidey's on the team 

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doesnt seem very surprising.
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Posted By CaptainSpider91
@G-Man: Yeah I agree. To be honest I don't really care for Wolverine in the X-men setting anymore. He should stick with Avengers
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Posted By Blackandredflag

i think marvel are making sure they dont lose any readers when canceling the avengers books. but im all right with seeing all the big guns on the same team for a while, feels like forever since they were.
i got a problem with JRJRs art. generally i like him but not for these big super hero epics. and that pic just sucks, look at iron mans pose, looks like hes doing the rumba in mid air, and thors face looks off, not to mention it looks like he forgot to put spidey in and just squeezed him in

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Posted By ms__omega

Sweet glad spidey is there 

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Posted By Namor1987

the faces look horrible look at thors bone-structure

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Posted By AndyKeel

nice art

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Posted By Decept-O

Love the line-up.  It's been great having Spidey part of The Avengers, and I can distinctly recall many many years ago in an issue of What If? that had the scenario of Spidey being on the team.   Briefly the issue tried to explain why Spidey couldn't be on the team and I hated that Marvel didn't try to put him on the Avengers.   

Now things have "officially" come full circle, and that issue of What If? can be considered "Why Not?".    Wolverine on the Avengers is also great, remove him from the X-Men.  He's all over the place.  Flash can do it because he's a super-speedster, Wolverine obviously is not.  
  Sadly I have to echo a lot of the sentiments here regarding J.R. JR's art.  I'm not digging it.  I like his style a lot but I don't know.  It seems like he's trying too hard to emulate Jack Kirby.
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Posted By Mbecks14

now if only the JLA could get their shit together too

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Posted By Watch Dog

You know what they need sum chicks on the team.

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Posted By dementedtheclown

These The Secret Avengers ?

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Posted By Cpt. Quor

Really not a big fan of that art, the faces look..... wrong, I wish someone like Olivier Coipel was doing this, I loved his work on Thor. 
Line-up needs some laydees, maybe Ms. Marvel and Black Widow?

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Posted By Nova`Prime`

I don't like Wolverine or Spiderman on the roster. Mostly because Wolverine is still in to many books and Spiderman was always a solo act, even when he reluctantly joined the Avengers he stated he is more of a loner.
I really wasn't that concerned with the roster line up as to, who is Iron Man?

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Posted By Penance333

Good.  I like this team.  Like the New Avengers but with more members.
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Posted By Nyogtha

Sometimes I wonder what the heads are thinking when they OK are to be released. Like the McDonald's commercial "Not until I've had my coffee, just send it through. I ain't dealing with it right now!"

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Posted By Theodore
@Watch Dog said:
" I am pleased with the line up but not the art "
yeah that art is ugly as sin!
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Posted By goldenkey
@Toastalchemist said:
"Why Wolverine? He's on every team. I'm so sick of him.  "

Money thats why.
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Posted By goldenkey

thats not bucky cap either

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Posted By nippleblood

 i like the line up, lets all remember that this is a comic book world and not reality so lets try not to justify or over analyze every little thing like wolverine's jet setting and spider man's solo characteristics.  There will probly be a pretty huge threat that requires the all star team to take out which will be very interesting.  bonus that there are no girls  or secondary characters so far cuz they are usually just fillers that don't carry a story to well.

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Posted By ShadowX

so the lineup is 
Bucky Cap 
This is an awesome line up. Now I just need to know who the secret avengers are.
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Posted By ccrosby
@goldenkey: Actually, that is bucky cap-  the stripes are just modified a little so the angel is cut as high-  look at the bottom right of the image.  Also he has back sleeves, black pouches, shiny blue - yep thats bucky barnes alright.    
I love the team (although I'm not a huge spider-woman fan, and think ms marvel would fit better)-  and john romita, is well john romita jr-  I would never say his work is "ugly as sin" as some other users say-  his work is certainly solid, just not one of the best marvel has to offer.  I love his take on the spidey books, and think his style on Kick Ass is works well -  He just can't draw big characters (ie look at world war hulk-  that serious would have been much better if a good hulk artist was on it like ed mcguinness or dale keown), or womens faces (i really don't like the cheekbone look he goes for). But he is FAR FAR from being a bad artist.  I think he would be awesome on an iron fist run.
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Posted By ironshadow

They should take Wolverine out of  X-men and just have him be an Avenger and on X-Force and let Namor be the badass whit an attitude in X

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Posted By Moomin123

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Posted By rasx

I don't think Wolverine should be on this team, he's to busy with the X-Force right now!
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Posted By Tyler Starke
@goldenkey said:

" thats not bucky cap either "

Sure it is, you can tell by the sheer shininess of his suit, plus the pouches.
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Posted By Tyler Starke

Wait wasn't Clint Barton on this team to?

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Posted By Joe Venom

After the whole Brand new day fiasco you would think that Spidermans character would want nothing to do with anything that involves Ironman in it, I hope they address that when the team is being put together.

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Posted By Kid_Zombie
@G-Man said:
" I love Spider-Man and Wolverine's interactions. I've always said that Wolverine has been written best lately when in the New Avengers. "
Ha ha i felt that way with spider-man. I like him a lot being on the avengers team.
Wow so I was wrong, I thought for sure Black Widow and wasp was gonna be on the team. With the movie reving up and the cartoon to come out soon I thought for sure they were going that route. Maybe they still are going to be. I did not think Wolverine would be on the team So im kinda a bit in shock over that ha ha
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Edited By cmaprice

I hope Hawkeye isn't just a backup player.

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Posted By The_Warlord
@Watch Dog said:
" I am pleased with the line up but not the art "
Same here
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Posted By Aspenite

It´s a restart, isn´t it? 
Because I want to start with the Avengers and if Spidey is in the team that is even better!!!

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Posted By InnerVenom123
@Toastalchemist said:
"Why Wolverine? He's on every team. I'm so sick of him.  "

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Posted By AngelFrost

How sexist. ¬¬

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Posted By Emperor Gonzo Noir

you got the big three back then added in the two biggest money makers

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Posted By vance_astro
@Tyler Starke said:
" Wait wasn't Clint Barton on this team to? "
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Posted By the_fallen11
Yes! I was really worried spiderman wasn't going to be on the team!! I'm so glad that he is!!
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Posted By Anthony Robson92

I like that Spidey's on the team, it feels like over the last couple of years he's been integrated on to the team - from loner to team player and that's how it should have been done 
I would have liked to have seen Hawkeye on the cover rather than Wolverine, in my opinion Woverine should be more of a back seat Avenger, there when he's needed 
Plus I'd rather see Mockingbird on the team than Spider-Woman, Jess should be with Cage and the Thunderbolts or another more street title.
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Posted By the_orange_crush
@Anthony Robson92 said:

"Plus I'd rather see Mockingbird on the team than Spider-Woman, Jess should be with Cage and the Thunderbolts or another more street title. "

 Spider-Man on the New Avengers has been really enjoyable, so to see him on the upcoming Avengers title is great. I'm not so sold on Wolverine on the Avengers because he's in a lot of other team books. They really should just have him in either the main X-Men title or the Avengers title, not both. I hope Mockingbird stays in the picture somehow. Same with Ms. Marvel, since her book ends at #50.
I also see Spider-Woman as a great fit with the Thunderbolts. Her story fits with what the Thunderbolts are about.
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Posted By SevanGrim

i hate that art. Its ok for normal stuff, but not the super heroes.
 and no, i dont really like the Heavy hitters line up. i like the teams that made you wonder how the hell the heroes were gonna win when they where out gunned. But How do you outgun that sort of lineup?

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Posted By R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.


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Posted By BaronVonDredd

I don't think that Bucky Cap. IS IT?
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Posted By Icon

Love how Spidey is hitching a ride on Thor's hammer. XD   Maybe I'm in the minority but I really like JRjr's art. Also, some of us here need to read the article before commenting. The team isn't limited to these 5. There are others, including at least one female character. 

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Posted By vance_astro
@BaronVonDredd said:
" I don't think that Bucky Cap. IS IT? "
It is.
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Posted By leokearon

Love the JRJr art but why are Wolvie and Spidey still with the Avengers, they never worked in my opinion. Still I noticed there has been no sign of Carol in any Heroic Age teaser.....