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August 2014 Character of the Month: Batman

The Dark Knight eventually becoming the CotM was bound to happen, so why not during his 75th anniversary?!

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"I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Comic Vine's Character of the Month!"

Our latest Character of the Month theme was the Justice League and the original members from the New 52 roster were added to the poll. Wonder Woman took a strong lead at first, but the Caped Crusader was able to catch up and it became neck and neck. Meanwhile, Superman and Cyborg bonded over what it's like not to receive any love from the voters and Green Lantern, Flash, and Aquaman raced for third place. In the end, the Dark Knight took the victory over Diana by a mere 1% (somewhere, Blue Beetle is laughing and saying "One percent! One percent!"). It was an absurdly close race between the two Justice Leaguers, but it looks like Batman must have busted out some Amazon repellent bat-spray at the last second.

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What does this victory mean for Bruce Wayne, you ask? Throughout August, Batman will receive his own edition of Must Read Stories, Best Battles, Best Covers, and occasionally appear in our Question of the Week or have his abilities tested in a Battle of the Week. So, if you're happy Batman won or want to learn more about him, you should keep your eyes on CV's homepage this month! But you were already going to do that anyway, right? If you want to make suggestions for any of these articles, you're obviously welcome to toss some ideas at us in the comments. At any rate, it was a really close race for the top spot and we want to thank everyone for voting and posting their opinions! Here's the final results of the poll.

  • Batman 22%
  • Wonder Woman 21%
  • Aquaman 17%
  • Flash (Barry Allen) 16%
  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 11%
  • Superman 9%
  • Cyborg 4%
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Let's start the celebration right now! Share your favorite image of Batman in the comments below and explain why you think it's so great. Let the Batman praise begin!

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