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Artist Announced for First Issue of SCARLET WITCH Series

Vanesa Del Rey is coming to this new series.

Cover by David Aja
Cover by David Aja

Marvel announced who will be doing the art on the first issue of the upcoming SCARLET WITCH series, set to debut in December. Artist Vanesa Del Rey, most recently known for her work on issue #3 of CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER, as well as HIT at BOOM! Studios, will be pulling art duties on the debut issue of the series, according to Marvel. No news yet on who the other artists for this series will be.

Each issue of the book will have a different artist, with James Robinson writing and David Aja providing the covers. Every issue of the book will be stand-alone and is about Scarlet Witch saving witches like herself. Robinson said Scarlet Witch is out to fix witchcraft and she needs to discover how it was broken and who broke it. The series will also deal with Scarlet Witch, her mental instability, and how she can treat said instability.

SCARLET WITCH is slated to hit shelves in December.