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Arrow Episode 403 - "Restoration" Developments

There's a new metahuman in town and Sara Lance's body is taken to Nanda Parbat.

This week's episode of Arrow, "Restoration," was pretty much split into two storylines (not including the flashbacks). In Star City, Ollie and Diggle still struggle to work together after Diggle felt betrayed. In Nanda Parbat, Laurel and Thea have brought Sara's body to be used in a Lazarus Pit while Thea also seeks answers about her aggressive behavior after having gone through the pit herself.

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All this and more happened in the episode so let's dive into the big developments. Of course, there will be spoilers below.

Oliver and Diggle

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Things still tense between Ollie and Diggle. Felicity finally makes them sit together until they work things out after each is almost killed going out alone. Earlier, an ARGUS agent visited Diggle’s house and gave him information on who hired Deadshot to kill his brother--Mina Fayad. She conveniently had arrived in Star City to meet with Damien Darhk.

Ollie and Diggle compare notes and find out Mina Fayad hired a metahuman, Double Down. When they discover Mina is dead, Diggle says there’s nothing more he can do. He’s been trying to find answers for the past two years. Ollie says he’s been doing it wrong since he’s been doing it alone.

They later face Double Down and Ollie takes a “bullet” or a “metahuman tattoo playing card.” Things are pretty much smoothed over between the two.

Felicity and Curtis Holt

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When Arrow fought Double Down, he was able to get one of his deadly playing cards he's able to peel off his arms. When Felicity and Curtis are trying to see if they can track Double Down by one of his playing cards, it turns out he can track them faster. He attacks them at Palmer Industries. They take a secret elevator down to the Arrow Lair 2.0. Felicity is able to fend him off with a machine gun but now he knows about her connection to Green Arrow. They may need a third lair if Double Down tells Damien about it. Ollie mentions later he may have a surprise for them.

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It should also be noted that Curtis, while continue to try to develop some new tech to help save Palmer Industries, has started working on the T-Spheres. It's meant to be a communications device but it's not stable. It has a tendency to spontaneously explode. We can probably expect to see these developed further as Curtis gets closer to Team Arrow. Later we see he's excited to find out his boss is helping to try to make the city a better place.

We also saw Felicity's phone continuing to act up. She's getting some strange activity. Chances are it may have to do with the return of a certain presumed character?

Thea and Her Urge to Kill

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Laurel and Thea took Sara's body to Nanda Parbat. Malcolm tells them using the Lazarus Pit on Sara in this way hasn’t been done in ‘ages.’ This is why Nyssa didn’t ask her father to use it. There would be no telling who or what would come out. Malcolm mentions there's an old wise sage in the mountains that might be able to help Sara. Later, Thea is attacked while sleeping. She easily kills them and almost seems to like it. She finds out there isn’t an sage. She’ll be compelled to kill until she kills the one that hurt her. She can’t because Ra’s is already dead. So to deal with it, she needs to deal with the bloodlust. She shouldn’t feel the need to kill for weeks now. She's angry at her father. She says it's his fault she's like this. He agrees to try to help them to ease her conscience.

Sara Lance

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Laurel agrees to still have Sara prepared for the restoration ceremony, despite the possible effects. Sara is put in the pit. Malcolm doesn’t think it’ll work but Sara comes out as a savage. Nyssa is angered and later destroys the pit. She's determined to kill Malcolm someday. This way, if he's ever injured, he can't use the pit. Malcolm has her taken away. Sara is kept in chains and unresponsive to Laurel's attempt to reach her.

We know Sara will somehow get better in order to appear on Legends of Tomorrow. Malcolm tried telling Laurel there's no telling what might happen. We'll have to wait and see how she regains her former identity and whether or not she'll have to struggle with the bloodlust as well.

You can check out a preview for next week's episode HERE.