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Guess what leaked onto the interwebz?

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and claim that Batman: Arkham Asylum was probably the greatest video game adaptation of a comic book I have ever seen- and I credit that to the fact that the game developers hired people that actually care about the characters, and Batman, to script the game. Hiring long time Batman writer Paul Dini to write Batman: Arkham Asylum was the perfect move- it's no wonder that the game was such a success. So it wasn't much of a surprise when it was announced that Dini would be working on the script of the game's sequel, Batman: Arkham City. Since that announcement, fans of the first game have been on the edge of their seats itching to catch glimpses of Batman's upcoming adventure. Well, if you've been wishing for a look at what the sequel will look like, then you're definitely in luck. The screen captures of Batman: Arkham City 2   were found on an anonymous Flickr account and were picked up by NeoGAF before spreading like wildfire throughout the interwebs- and they look AMAZING. We get an awesome look at Two-Face and Catwoman, and see that Detective Mode will return- I love detective mode! The big question is, will we finally be able to drive the Batmobile in the second game? See the awesomeness below. 
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