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Archie Goes Postal, 2010 Sunday Funnies Stamps Unveiled

Guess you had to see that one coming.

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The U.S. Postal Service unveiled the 2010 Archie postage stamp.  As part of their "Sunday Funnies" line coming in July, Archie is joined by Veronica and Betty.  Archie existed in only comic book form and didn't debut in newspapers until 1946.  Now the comic is being honored among others.
Who else is will be along side the Archie postage stamp?  We will get to see Beetle Bailey, Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield and Dennis the Menace.

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It's not often I buy stamps to collect, but these are screaming to be collected.  It is an interesting group.  I wonder how it was narrowed down to these five different comics.  I have to admit that when I think about Archie comics, I don't think of them as being in the Sunday Funnies.  I wonder if there was a voting process.   
What do you think of this selection?  What "Sunday Funnies" comics would you have wanted to see?