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Archie Comics Partners with Dark Horse for ARCHIE MEETS PREDATOR

Good luck, Archie! You're definitely going to need it.

The Predator has come face to face with the likes of Judge Dredd, Terminators, Xenomorphs, and countless other formidable characters, but now the alien hunter faces its biggest challenge yet: Archie! Coming out in spring 2015, the crossover is by writer Alex de Campi and artist Fernando Ruiz. So, how do these totally different franchises meet, you ask? Well, Archie and his buddies head to Costa Rica for spring break, and guess who's also there? That's right, a Predator! Why does the lethal alien set its sights on the humans? According to the press release, that'll be one of the book's mysteries.

Find some mud, Archie!
Find some mud, Archie!

Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater says it'll be a "surprising, energetic, and must-read series." So, who out there is going to pick this up when it comes out in 2015? Share your thoughts with the world in the comments section below.