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AQUAMAN'S 'The Operative' Character Design Revealed

Another character set to appear in AQUAMAN #7 is unveiled.

The last few days we've been introduced to two members of "The Others," a group that will be revealed in AQUAMAN #7 as having some sort of a relationship to Arthur. First we saw Kahina, the 13th Seer and then we were introduced to Prisoner-Of-War and today we are given our first look at The Operative.

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Designed by artist Joe Prado, The Operative will also appear in the seventh issue of Geoff Johns' AQUAMAN series as a man with ties to governments the world over. His resume includes experience working for the Mexican government, Russian Peacekeeping Forces, the Internal Security Organization of Uganda and more.

So how do all these organizations find him, hire him and trust him to keep their secrets? What do you think of the character design for The Operative? Are you looking forward to meeting all members of The Others in AQUAMAN?

Source: DC Comics