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"Apocalypse" Will Be Jennifer Lawrence's Last X-Men Film

During an interview with MTV, Lawrence spilled the beans about her future with the X-Men

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There's still quite a bit of secrecy surrounding the third part of the second X-Men trilogy, which is titled "Apocalypse." There are numerous rumors of who will and won't be returning to this final films, but one this is for sure. This will be Jennifer Lawrence's final film.

Jennifer Lawrence played Mystique in both X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past. During an interview with MTV (around the 3:25 mark), Lawrence dropped the bomb that this is the last one for her.

Supposedly, Mystique will play a larger role in this film, even though she had a pretty significant role in Days of Future Past.

Currently, Bryan Singer is on board to direct and the film is expected to his theaters on May 27,2016.