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Apocalypse Wars Reveals the New Four Horsemen [SPOILERS]

Find out which Marvel characters are working for Apocalypse.

The next big X-Men story, Apocalypse Wars, began this week with EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8. In the issue, the X-Men travel 1,000 years into the future, where the world looks to be in ruins. On the final page, Apocalypse was revealed with his newest Horsemen.

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Here's the thing, that's not actually Apocalypse. It's Colossus, and he stands with Deadpool, Moon Knight, and what looks like to be Venom but just the symbiote. In the current VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT series, Flash and the symbiote can separate from each other for a limited time, so it may be safe to say that Flash Thompson is not involved with Apocolossus, especially since Venom looks more like a blob that a humanoid figure. We're saying "Apocolossus" because he's saying "my" horsemen. There's no sign of Apocalypse in the scene.

There's someone missing though. In the past, Apocalypse always has four horsemen, and there's only three pictured here. ComicBook had a preview of issue #9 of the series which may give away who the fourth horseman is.

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It seems, from the preview, that the fourth horseman is Man-Thing. He's seen standing beside Deadpool and Venom and fighting against the X-Men in the next panel. Apocalypse usually pulls from the mutant pool when picking out his horsemen, so it's really interesting to see that there are no mutants on this team, which is run by a mutant.

How do these all fit in? Moon Knight does have connections to ancient Egypt, in a sense, and that's where Apocalypse is from. Even though both that's a stretch, what about Venom and Man-Thing? How did Colossus land this role? We look forward to checking out the next part of Apocalypse Wars in EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #9, which goes on sale on 4/20. Check out the review of issue #8.

What do you think of these horsemen?