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Ant-Man Movie to be a "High-Tech Spy Heist Film"

Who will be wearing the Ant-helmet?

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Scott Pilgrim vs.The World Director Edgar Wright has been talking about an Ant-Man movie for some time now. He mentioned a while ago that he wrote a script before working on Scott Pilgrim and "it’s kind on back burner slightly" while he worked on Scott Pilgrim. Even Stan Lee, creator of the character, tweeted back in February that he really was not disappointed after meeting with Wright.
In recent news it was announced that he will be returning to the production of the Ant-Man film once Scott Pilgrim was over and yet all us comic book fans wonder if the movie will ever get made, and if it does which Ant-Man do we want to see on the big screen. While some want Eric O' Grady and others prefer Scott Lang,  
I personally have to admit that I prefer Hank Pym but why only have one when you can have them all? I mean think about it, perfect trilogy!   
Vanity Fair recently interviewed Wright about his immediate success on the premiere of his new movie. During the Interview with Vanity Fair the topic of Ant-Man came up.   
 == TEASER ==

I feel like I should ask you about the Ant Man movie.

Sure, why not?

You’ve been working on the comic book adaptation for a while. Is it ever actually going to happen?

I hope so, yeah. I’ve written a script, and once Scott Pilgrim is done I’m going to work on a second draft. It’s something I’ve been passionate about for awhile.

Yeah, but ... Ant Man? Seriously? Isn’t he like Aqua Man with lower self-esteem?

Not at all! I had a copy of the Tales to Astonish comic from the early 60s, which has his origin story. And I’ve been a fan ever since. I think it’s a really interesting high-concept idea.

Let me make sure I have this right. This guy shrinks to the size of an ant, and he has an army of ants at his disposal?

That’s right.

Is that really the most effective way to fight crime?

Ah, well ... you’ll just have to wait and see.

You’re an amazing director, Edgar, but I don’t know how this is going to work. I mean… Ant Man? The guy who becomes an ant? Isn’t that like trying to stop a mob boss with a box full of kittens?

I know there’s a big stigma attached to it, mostly because every movie about shrinking has been about people in peril. I think it’d be great to do a shrinking film about a bad-ass secret agent.

Okay, I see what you mean. I was thinking along the lines of Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

Even something like The Incredible Shrinking Man, which is a fantastic film, is about a guy in trouble. But this is going to be nothing like that. It’s essentially a high-tech spy heist film with somebody with a very particular power.

The awesome power ... of an ant!

Trust me, it’ll be much cooler than you think.

 Pym, O' Grady or Lang?
 Pym, O' Grady or Lang?

I got two things out of this. One, Ant-Man will be a secret agent and two, there's a huge probability this will be about Hank Pym rather than other Ant-Men. He mentioned he has a copy of Tales to Astonish from back in the 60s, which is a story oriented on Pym, being him who is the first Ant-Man in history, but why would he be a secret agent? (I could be wrong though!)
If this will end up tying to the Avengers movie universe there's a chance that Hank Pym will be working as an Agent of SHIELD similar as what he and Janet Van Dyne did when they joined the Ultimates
Is this good news? Or do want to see Pym in the lab rather than in "a high-tech spy heist film"? 
Source: Vanity Fair  
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