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Another Watchmen Teaser Poster

A new teaser poster is released. Time to get a little more excited.

DC/Warners Continues To Tease

There's no question that huge amounts of people are going to see this movie.  There are those of us that read this years ago.  There are those that hadn't heard about it until they saw the trailer before The Dark Knight.  Whatever the case is, a lot of people are going to be seeing this. 

There's also a lot riding on the success of this film.  Watchmen is basically required reading if you enjoy comics in even the slightest bit.  I first read it because the thought was it was something you were supposed to read. 

I will confess I don't feel it's the greatest piece of fiction ever produced but it is a damn fine story.  This is a movie that could've been made years ago and been a total disaster.  From what we've seen, it looks like it could possibly do the book justice. 

March is getting closer...