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Another Spawn TV Show?

Starring those irascible homicide cops, Sam & Twitch?

  Just a imagine a crossover between SAM & TWITCH and SAM & MAX.
 Just a imagine a crossover between SAM & TWITCH and SAM & MAX.

Todd McFarlan’s ambitiousness has always been nothing short of impressive.  In addition to the new SPAWN  movie he’s trying to get together (and write & direct himself) and the new SPAWN cartoon he's been talking about for a while, he’s also talking about getting another SPAWN show on TV - - and it's a live-action one, no less.  More specifically, it’d be a TV version of the SPAWN spin-off, SAM & TWITCH, which was about two cops handling all kinds of supernatural cases in addition to hellspawn and mutating clowns. Splashpage got wind of these plans by way of CBR.

As I recall, this was a title Bendis worked on right around the time he was starting ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and POWERS. Alex Maleev and Ashley Wood have been involved with it at different points, as well. The current volume’s titled THE WRITER and it’s got a suitably ghoulish plot about Sam & Twitch finding a murder victim whose naked body’s covered with the beginning of a story. As in, there's prose written on his flesh. That kind of outlandish homicide’s certainly fits in with the “HILL STREET BLUES meets X-FILES” high-concept McFarlan saying he’s got in mind for this series. That is, the duo would take on bizarre, possibly-supernatural (but understated) cases like finding a dead body in a locked, top floor apartment who’d been inexplicably drowned by sea water. == TEASER ==

I could definitely see this working. Back when the X-FILES was on, I always found the low-key “monster of the week” episodes to be infinitely more interesting than the endless “Mythology” ones about the alien conspiracy. And I’ve found a lot of people agree with me, so a SAM & TWITCH show would definitely have an audience.

Have you any Comic Vine maniacs been reading SAM & TWITCH, in any of its volumes? How’s it been? Do you figure it’d work as show on say, Showtime or AMC?

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