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Another Guardian Of The Globe...In Case There's Zomibes Around

"Makes no logical sense" is right but who cares?

This is getting pretty crazy yet pretty funny at the same time. Image has been sharing glimpses at the Guardians of the Globe. Something we'll see more of in August. So far, we've seen Invincible declare he was a member, as well as Spawn (because Todd McFarlane lost a bet). Today's reveal might not make any sense but it's a great idea...just in case these Guardians have to face any...zombies.

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We have to assume there's a bit of joking around here. But just imagine if this were all legit. How rad would it be to see Invincible, Spawn and Rick Grimes (in black-and-white of course) running around the same comic?
Who will be next? Place your bets.