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Another Clue on the Awesome Hulk's Mysterious Identity [Update]

Could this clue finally reveal who it is?


Another new image has surfaced!

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There's a new series coming by Greg Pak and Frank Cho, THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK. The announcement came with parts of this Hulk shaded out, creating the mystery of who this Hulk might actually be.

Yesterday Marvel released a couple new teasers on who the totally awesome Hulk might be. Today we have yet another one.

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Could it be Thor Odinson? With the "new" Thor taking his place as...Thor, Odinson doesn't really have a place to go--or a comic of his own. He lost his arm to Malekith so maybe that's why the arm is shaded out?

Probably not since he lost a little more of his arm than what's shaded out. Plus, a Hulk with a Thor helmet might be a bit much.

Will we see more teasers before we find out who the Totally Awesome Hulk really is? Here's the previous teasers:

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Who do you think it is?