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Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles Returns With Robert Downey Jr?

Will Tony Stark become the vampire Lestat?

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Robert Downey Jr. had been impressing a lot of people lately.  According to Bloody Disgusting, Universal is hoping to cash in on the current vampire craze and wants to bring back Ann Rice's The Vampire Chronicles.  These deal with the story of vampire Lestat Du Lioncort, and are often narrated in first person.
The latest is Universal is in close talks with Robert Downey Jr to play the role of Lestat.  This isn't the first time Lestat has been seen on the big screen.  In 1994, Tom Cruise sunk his teeth into the role in Interview With The Vampire and Stuart Townsend took on the role in 2002's Queen Of The Damned.
It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.  We can assume that Universal is looking for a franchise with The Vampire Chronicles.  If Robert Downey Jr does take on the role, how many could he do?  He's also tied into The Avengers and Iron Man 3 as well as the inevitable Sherlock Holmes sequel (assuming this winter's movie will be a success).  He's becoming quite the busy guy.
Do you think he could take on the role of the Vampire Lestat?  Are you a fan of Ann Rice or the Vampire novels?  Do you think this could put Downey's other movies on hold?  Did you see the other Ann Rice movies?  Do we need more vampire flicks?