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Animated Avengers Trailer

The team proves how mighty they really are.

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I haven't heard much about the animated Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes series coming in 2011.  Perhaps it is because it's still a year away.  Chris Yost is the story editor and has Twittered about it from time to time.  When I interviewed Yost last June and asked about Avengers, all he would say is:

 The pilot is the birth of the team.  I will say no more!! 

There is a trailer for the cartoon.  Unfortunately I can't find an embeddable version.  If you CLICK HERE, you can watch a minute and forty-four seconds of animated Avengers fun.
I am excited for this.  The animation has its own look.  I like the idea of seeing Cap, Iron Man and Thor fighting the villains.  We can only hope that Marvel will keep the doors open and bring in characters from other books/franchises.  Also since Chris Yost has been working on this (and has worked on several Marvel animated projects), we should be in good hands.  Looks like we'll be seeing the Heroic Age on our televisions next year.
From the trailer, what do you think the tone will be?  What stories or characters would you like to see show up?