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Animal Man: Evolve Or Die T-Shirt Coming

Soon you will be able to express your love for Buddy Baker.

Since the launch of the "New 52," we've seen Animal Man back with a vengeance. Courtesy of writer Jeff Lemire, Animal Man is facing a whole new level of danger, one that is hitting close to home as well. For as long as Animal Man has been around (his debut was in 1965), the idea of Buddy Baker appearing on a t-shirt didn't seem too likely.

Today, DC has revealed a new Animal Man t-shirt will actually be available through Graphitti Designs later this month (online and at your local comic shop).

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The image features art by Travel Foreman based on the cover to ANIMAL MAN #1 and can be seen in issue #7, on sale March 7. The issue will feature the first part of "Animal Vs. Man." Check out these preview pages (and the t-shirt in the comic) with art by Steve Pugh.

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