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Andy Kubert's Variant To Batman And Robin #2

Anti-Damian fans should rejoice at this cover.

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You have Andy Kubert's art.  His run on Batman recently was some good stuff.  DC has revealed the variant cover to Batman And Robin #2.  While I do think it's great art, you have to admit it would be pretty weird if you bought this issue and then opened it to find Frank Quitely 's work.  I've mentioned before that I really dig Quitely's art.  It's just that Quitely and Kubert have different styles. 

Does it bother you when the cover art is extremely different than the interior art?

 What about the image itself?  I hate to say it, but that Batman doesn't really look like Dick Grayson.  Damian also looks a little ripped.  Maybe it's the suit?  Another question is who is doing to Damian what (probably) a lot of you guys would like to do to him?  That's a massive dude smashing him into the wall.  It should be a good learning experience for him.  He does still need to learn some humility.  I wonder if those that despise him will actually start warming up to him eventually.  Surprisingly, I've been handling this changing of the guards quite well.  I can't wait until July 1 when this issue hits.