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All-New Predator, Alien, AvP and Prometheus Comics on the Way

Dark Horse says they're going to be in a shared universe, too!

At your computer everyone can hear you scream like a fanboy over this news.

Dark Horse is doing a heavy push with their famous science fiction properties and giving them a fresh start. ALIENS, PREDATORS and AvP comics are getting rebooted and PROMETHEUS will receive its first ongoing series. To make matters even more cheerworthy, they'll all be connected, too! The writers -- Chris Roberson, Paul Tobin, Chris Sebela and Joshua Williamson -- spoke with io9 about the upcoming titles, and as you probably guessed, there were quite a few questions about what is and isn't being treated as canon.

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Chris Roberson, who will write ALIENS, says he'll consider Alien to Alien Resurrection as canon. Ripley and the gang won't be directly referenced and it'll instead focus on an all-new cast of characters. While Aliens gave the franchise more of a military vibe, Roberson states the series will have a bigger focus on horror by throwing ordinary people -- not trained soldiers -- into this frightening setting.

As for PROMETHEUS, Paul Tobins tells the site he's also going to focus on original characters instead of continuing Elizabeth and David's adventure. When it comes to heated debates over the film, the writer says the book will indeed give more answers, but it'll open the door to more mysteries as well.

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For ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, Chris Sebela says when considering what is and isn't canon for his story, he's sticking to the solo movies. The writer states he wants to keep himself free of past Alien and Predator encounters so he can work with a clean slate and craft his own version of the iconic characters facing-off. Additionally, he says, "if you're looking for the most Alien and Predator interaction bang for your buck, then AVP is going to be a very wise investment." SOLD.

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Last and most certainly not least, Joshua Williamson, the writer on PREDATORS, says all 3 Predator films are canon to him. "If you look at how the continuity works in the original films they each work alone, but still acknowledge the ones before it. That's the same attitude I've had with my Predator story. Listen, I'm a continuity junkie, to toss anything would be sacrilege, but I don't want it to overpower what I'm trying to do here." As for whether the Predators will be main characters or the villains in the narrative, Williamson says "both?" The book will include an older Predator who's searching for a final and worthy hunt.

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The titles are scheduled to come out in 2014. For more details, be sure to check out io9's interview.

Source: io9