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Agents of SHIELD: 5 Big Developments From Season 4, Episode 11

SHIELD gets a "Wake Up" call and are faced with some startling revelations.

SHIELD believes their problems with Aida and Life Model Decoys are over. They're about to discover there's more going on than they realized. If that wasn't enough, they're making plans to go after the evil Senator Nadeer, which probably won't go as planned.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 11 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, "Wake Up," will be discussed below.

Agent May Tries To Escape

Melinda May is being held captive by Dr. Radcliffe and has been replaced by an LMD version of herself. She manages to escape her bonds but has to fight Aida before gaining her freedom. It's a rough fight, and May gains the upper hand by stabbing and short-circuiting Aida with a fire poker. The building's doors are locked so she flees upstairs. In an empty apartment, she's confronted by Aida once more. Defeating the android again reveals her mind is still in a program, called the Framework.

SHIELD Makes A Move Against Senator Nadeer

Daisy Johnson is going to sign the Sokovia Accords now that it's been made public she's working with SHIELD. While she and Director Mace talk to the senators, Coulson and Yo Yo will gain access to Senator Nadeer's office and plant listening devices. When Nadeer questions Daisy on her "undercover work" against the Watchdogs, she accuses SHIELD of taking the justice system into their own hands. She also points out two of their agents just broke into her office--Coulson and Yo Yo were caught.

It's clear they were set up. Even though they may get raked over the coals and have to face a senate committee, they know they have a leak. Nadeer knew what they had planned. Her guards were prepared for Yo Yo and her powers.

Mack and Yo Yo Get Closer

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Mack and Yo Yo's relationship is moving to the next level. He gets a mysterious text and decides to take personal time off. Later, Yo Yo tells him he's free to do what he wants, but she isn't willing to play games. He makes it clear he doesn't want to lose her and explains it was his ex that contacted him. They had a daughter named Hope. Eleven years ago she died four days after her birth.

Robo May Confronts Radcliffe

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The May LMD figured out something was going on after she was injured in the field. A wound in her shoulder revealed her metal frame under the skin. For the most part, she's still acting like the real May. She decides to confront Radcliffe to find out what he did to her. She raises the possibility of telling Coulson, but Radcliffe informs her she can't. Her mission won't allow her to try to harm him or tell Coulson what's going on. She can't know her mission is to get close to Coulson and find out where the Darkhold is because it would be a distraction. He tells the LMD she should just give in to May's feeling and do what she really wants--be with Coulson.

Radcliffe Revealed

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Simmons figured out Fitz turned on the ocular receptors of the decapitated head of the first Aida. Fitz argues he's not obsessed with the android but was conducting an investigation. They realize Radcliffe is the leak. Fitz discovered that Aida wasn't corrupted when she read the Darkhold, but instead, she was programmed by Radcliffe to betray them.

Fitz later has a talk with Radcliffe, who is now in custody. He borrows a guard's gun and shoots Radcliffe in the head. It turns out, Radcliffe is an LMD. He was sending out a video transmission being watched by Senator Nadeer. Radcliffe knew he wasn't safe when the first Aida failed to retrieve the Darkhold. He wants Nadeer's protection. She tells him he'll have to meet with the Superior, the mysterious leader she and the Watchdogs answer to. Radcliffe also had May moved to a new location and figures out the perfect scenario to keep her contained in the Framework.

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Our Thoughts

Bombshells are being dropped. We were caught off-guard when it seemed May was able to escape from Aida. It's hard to tell what the May LMD will do next. It/she knows what she is but is also strongly influenced by May's thoughts and memories. Will she try to get closer to Coulson because that's what May really wants, or is she trying to complete her mission?

The reveal that Radcliffe is teaming up with Nadeer and had a second LMD created will cause problems. Even though his LMD was revealed, it's probable he has more available. During the flashback portion at the beginning, he told Aida to activate the "Sunset Protocol." While it is possible a May LMD could have been 3D-scanned, it seems more likely that he has other LMDs already made, waiting to be activated.

Mack's revelation on Hope wasn't quite the big surprise we were expecting when we first saw him staring at a photograph with the name written on the back. Telling Yo Yo further strengthens their relationship. Unfortunately it seems whenever someone starts to get happy on the show, something really bad happens.

The next episode will deal with where the Darkhold is being kept.