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Agents of SHIELD: 5 Big Developments From Season 4, Episode 9

The agents have serious problems with "Broken Promises" when attacked by an LMD. Also, what's the story with that new Inhuman?

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has returned after the winter finale and there's a new problem to deal with. After teaming up with Ghost Rider to stop the threat of the Darkhold, it turns out the danger isn't quite over. It was believed the mystical book wouldn't corrupt an LMD (Life Model Decoy). They discover how wrong they were as Aida reveals her plans.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 9 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, "Broken Promises," will be discussed below.

Director Mace Orders the Darkhold to be Destroyed

As an LMD, Aida was created to protect the other agents. She was able to save Coulson and Fitz by reading and using the Darkhold. The contents have now given her a taste for life. She captured Agent May and replaced her with another LMD in order to infiltrate SHIELD and regain the book. With Robo-May listening during a briefing, Mace informs everyone they plan to get rid of the Darkhold. Coulson wants to deliver it to an agent who specializes in making items like this disappear. Unfortunately they don't reveal who this agent is.

Aida Has Her Own Agenda

When Director Mace orders Dr. Radcliffe and Fitz to wipe Aida's hard drive, she shows her new autonomy. She overrides the programming command to shut her down and strikes out at Radcliffe. She easily deals with the SHIELD agents accompanying them and makes her escape. Later she arrives and attacks the SHIELD headquarters.

Senator Nadeer, Her Brother the Inhuman, and the Watchdogs

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Senator Ellen Nadeer's brother, Vijay, awakes in their family home after coming out of a Terrigenesis cocoon. Ellen hates Inhumans because their mother was killed during the Chitauri invasion (in The Avengers). She sees Inhumans as an epidemic that is the next phase of an "alien plague." Working with the Watchdogs, she has them waiting to ambush her and Vijay when they go for a walk on the property.

The Nadeers promised each other if they ever became infected, they'd deal with it. After he exited the cocoon, he was no longer her brother. Vijay manages to convince her he doesn't have any abilities and still is her brother. At the same time, Mace, Daisy, and Simmons arrive at the house because they believe "an Inhuman is being held captive." Seeing one of her guards with a specific type of gun the Watchdogs use, they have proof of the senator's connection with the anti-Inhuman hate group.

Aida Is Defeated...or Is She?

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Aida infiltrates the SHIELD base, knocks out Coulson, and locks him in a room with Robo-May. Phil eventually reveals where the Darkhold is hidden while Aida is secretly listening through the robo-agent. She's about to make her escape with the book when Radcliffe and Fitz confront her. Fitz regains control over the facility's security which prevents her from leaving. As they talk to her and try to make sense of her motives, Mack chops off her head with his shotgun-axe.

Later, Radcliffe is back at his place in mourning over the end of his life's work. It turns out he has another Aida--a newer model. He's bummed at how close they came to getting the Darkhold and says, "Soon enough everyone will get exactly what they want."

The Fate of Vijay

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Even though Ellen was willing to accept her brother's new status, a Watchdog superior orders Vijay's death. As the men move in on him, he discovers he does have powers. He appears to have some sort of speed powers. He easily dodges the blows and gets the upper hand over the killers. Simmons and Mace witness his actions and asks him to come with them. Vijay decides to trust his sister and leave in a chopper with her. When they're in the air, she apologizes and shoots him. She tells the Watchdog soldier to dump the body. As Vijay's corpse sinks to the bottom of a body of water, he enters a new Terrigenesis cocoon.

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Our Thoughts

This season is taking a slight turn. It seemed the Ghost Rider elements would carry through the entire season. Branching off that story, we're seeing a new threat with Aida being corrupted by the Darkhold. Because Radcliffe secretly built another model, we can assume he was the one that made the May LMD instead of Aida being responsible. Based on the trailer, it's possible we might see more agents getting replaced with LMDs. It's not clear if Radcliffe is evil or if he does have good intentions to save everyone. Having a second story arc branch out gives the show new momentum in a season that was already full of excitement.