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Agent Coulson Finally Gets a Poster for 'The Avengers'

He's played a role in most of the movies so doesn't he deserve his own poster?

A couple weeks ago, Disney and Marvel released six posters showing the Avengers fighting along side another teammate. There was one person missing from those posters, Agent Phil Coulson.

There might be some that would argue he isn't really a member of the the Avengers so that explains why he wasn't featured. Well, Nick Fury and Maria Hill had their own. How much of a role will Hill play in the movie? That's actually been a topic of discussion in a meeting we had at the office.

Fans of Agent Coulson can rejoice as it's finally been revealed that he will in fact get his own poster.

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I guess now it's a matter of whether or not movie theaters will feature this poster front and center or if they'll keep the Black Widow one up instead.